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Please tell me that i have heard Ford Cars are costly to maintain. Is it true? I am planning to buy a car. My choinces are Innova, Endeavour, Scorpio. I need trust worthy engine least maintainence, comfortable ride and handling. Please give me each cars pros&cons. Thanks friends.
By Abhishek 09 September 2008
Expert`s comment:

Maintenance of Ford vehicles is costlier compared to Tata and Maruti cars.Endeavour is Spacious , costlier , good performance engine.Drawback is truck like appearence and low mileage .Scorpio is compact compared to Endeavour and Innova ,Cheaper and Stylish , well established in Market.Overall a good SUV.Innova is also spacious , good styling ,Advantage is comfortable seating for 8 people with good legroom.Engine is also very reliable.

Considering all factors, Innova is best suited Family SUV.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2008

I had a ford, recently sold it off..any ford cars are Hign on maintaince, not fuel efficient..BUT has excellent handling, power and great comfort. On the flip side..scorpic is fuel efficient. Maintaince not as hign as Ford, but handling is bad. It has a very bumpy ride, which makes it very uncomfertable. But If u look at Inove..It has done very well in the market. Good Looks. Fuel Efficient..And relatively low on maintaince. Also a very good resale value.

Considering pros and cons..Innova will be a better choice.

Answer by Shubho 09 September 2008

Just sold my IKON diesel 1.8... Maintenance is too costly and handling is easy ... if you have good mechanic outside you can go for IKON.. Mileage is very good. I have got 22 in highway ... Maruti Maintenance cost will be THE best among any cars in India.

Answer by Srinivasan 09 September 2008

Scorpio - Very coarse engine & no so good.
Endeavour - Very costly (its a Ford vehicle).
Innova - Refined engine in its class, comfortable & Toyota quality.

Answer by Shashank Wartikar 10 October 2008

I DO NOT AGREE TO THE FEED BACK GIVEN TO YOU ABHISHEK. I have a FORD FUSION since Jan'05. Till date other than two yearly normal services NOT a single paise is spent on maintance.TO ADD THERE IS NOT A SINGLE CREECHING NOISE, OR SQEEKING NOISE OR IT HAD TO SENT BACK FOR ANY PROBLEM. CONSUMPTION IS CONSTANT 10.4LTRS IN CITY, 13 ON HIGHWAY PER LITER WITH A/C ON AT ALL TIMES. I had earlier Wagon R, ZEN, VAN, FIAT. All had to be sent back to garage for some thing oe the other every 3-4 months. Yes if you crash ford then repairs are expensive. From all other angles, comfort, driveability, safety, ruggedness, stability FORD has proven itself to be best. So if you analyze all the opprotunity costs you spend on other cars Ford is not a bad choice.

Answer by Nanda 10 October 2008

Whay dont you consider Chevrole Captiva. Its a wonderful SUV, very comfortable and not much costlier than Endevour. GM vehicles are known for their super fine engeneering. Any opel or corsa owner wil vouch for that. GM has also imrpved the service quality, and spare parts costing much to stand in competion.

If you budget is within 10 lacs, you should go for Safari Dicor. Apart from hardcore off roading, its a very comfortable and spacioous vehicle.

Answer by Sharbendu 09 September 2008




Answer by Tarzan 09 September 2008

hi,in simple words scorpio is a sought of pendu gaddi and common-very on road/secondaly endeveour is costly and cannot b compared with innova or scorpio as th segment this segment on more suv is saffariwith a new common rail engine as it is one of the comfortable vehicle for rear passangers as well as front but again its too common.Innova is a good suv with nice engine performance and comfortable last its ur choice.

Answer by MANU JOSHI 09 September 2008

If I were you, I would choose Innova for the following reasons

1) Very Spacious - Thats what we have to look out for
2) Very Comfortable - Major objective for buying a vehicle
3) Very Smooth - Very much needed to avoid tiring travel
4) Luxury - Thats why we go for it
5) Looks Rich - Obviously it should
6) Quality from Toyota - Value for money
7) Best Performance in its class - Needed aspect
8) Aerodynamic Design - For quicker response from the engine.

Now, the choice is yours. :)

Answer by Sathish 09 September 2008

Well if I were u, i wud have bought FORD ENDEAVOUR eyes closed. Its such a nice SUV with a heart throbbing DIESEL engine.If you take the cost of maintenance to be high on endeavour , overall u will be at parbecause in tata and mahindra vehicles frequency of maintenance is much more than ford. buy it eyes closed.

Answer by Sahil 09 September 2008

the scorpio is good with suspension. it is not bumpy as you said but it is too unstable. I drove an brand new car just came out of show room and was surprised to experience the lack of stability what even my Wagon-r has even at speed of 135kmph. scorpio is horrible above 80kmph speed at least the one I drove. you hardly get the confidence. I have driven all othe SUVs but scorp is diiferent in other sense.
the dash board is another boring thing , it is just some how made to function as dash otherwise its only a board and b o r e d.
however it is a nice try from M&M to enter into this slot and let us hope they will attain that class in near future.
you should go for ford Endi and if budget is problem go for Innova. Its better than scorpio 300 times

Answer by Ajit 10 October 2008
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