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Hi, I am Satyen Mehrotra I purchased a BMW 520d a few months ago. On one of my trips to my native place (which is a village in central Maharashtra) I unfortunately happened to encounter a flat tyre. The RFT tyre was very useful though in helping me reach my destination which was a good 80km. I was impressed with the tyre, but however when I tried to fix the puncture I was unable to do so. On speaking to the BMW dealer I was informed that the RFT puncture cannot be fixed and that I would have to replace the tyre. My concern is that each time (god forbid) I encounter a puncture I will have to change the tyre, which is not a very economic option given the price of the BMW tyres and my trips to my native place. I would like you to suggest me an alternate option to changing the tyres all the time. Is there a way out? I was thinking of fitting tubeless tyres, is it a good option? Please to let me know.
By Satyen Mehrotra 12 December 2010

RFT's coud have been exchanged with tubeless tyres before usage, and you would have grat value.
no unfortunately there is no point since the cost of buying new tubeless tyres will hardly be offset by RFT's which are used , might as well use on and hope for good luck
try asking a dealer though//

Answer by Arjun 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

It would be best to go for tubeless tyres. However selling the present set of tyres would be a difficult task and can be done with help of dealer or any tyre dealer.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010
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