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Planning to buy a petrol hatchback..Unable to finalise between i10 or i20.. In i20, I observed a bulge on rear seat, which I feel, makes it uncomfortable for person sitting in the middle. Anyways to fix this problem? Also i20's mileage is couple of kms lower than i10 and its almost expensive by Rs. 50000 On i10, recently I got a feedback thats it body is fragile and can get dented badly even in minor accidents. Moreover, it has lots of maintenance problems after 3-4 years.. Please comment and advice on this..Also provide me mileage numbers if possible..
By Rakesh 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

As mentioned i20 certainly has better features and styling.It belongs to higher segment compared to i10 and henc ebetter onroad image. It will be worth investing estra for i20. You can expect mileage of 14 to 16 on average.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010

@Microman I'm reluctant in buying Ford vehicles as I've not heard much good on its maintenance. Ford vehicles typically have higher maintenance costs. I tried Polo as well..It was good to drive, but didn't impress me more than i20 (was just as much as i20)..But I didn't choose Polo because I felt its rear seating cramped. Even without the driver pulled back, our knees touched the front seat. BTW, I'd all the cars in my list and I finally got down to the 2 I mentioned :P

Answer by Rakesh 12 December 2010

Despite your limited choice, I would like you to test drive the Ford figo and the VW Polo. They are the benchmark in this segment.

If they do not appeal then I suggest you to go for I10.
My friend who got swayed by the looks of the I20 now says that it is underpowered (1.2) and the rear suspension makes noise when going over the bumps. I hope you will learn from others experience instead of your own.

Answer by Microman 12 December 2010

i use i20(diesel) and found no problem in that, and not from my family for uncomfortable seating at back.
i have also taken test drive of petrol version.
if i compare with others like swift then yes bit underpowered but if compared with 1000cc engine then yes its better.

if you can compromise with power and what you get in i20
is fully loaded with features and great build then go for it.

if you want compact size and ideal for city use, comparatively more power then go for i10

Answer by Mantra 12 December 2010
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