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hi,i want to buy gearless scooter. please suggest me the best model in honda,tvs,mahindra,suzuki. i'm confused in selecting the model from aviator,wego,access 125. suggest me the best model in mileage,maintenace,ride comfort,resale value etc.. give me clear & brief details of the best model.if possible tell me comparisions also. regards, kalyan.
By Kalyan 12 December 2010

I own access 125 It is realy good, i think best in gearless scooter.
1.activa is little heighter than access
2.leg space (footboard) is lesser than activa by 5cm
3.fuel avg is 45 to 50km/pl
4.pickup is good in hill stations also

Over all i feel very good..

Answer by Mohan 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

The performanc eof most of the Scooters are similar in terms ofpower and performance. However toselect one, TVS Wego would be a optimum selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010

My choice activa or access

Answer by Sanjeev Kumar 12 December 2010

hi shiva,you said tvs wego would be the optimum selection.can you tell why its best than other scooters. tell its features. tell me how much millage its giving?

Answer by Kalyan 12 December 2010

My option is Suzuki Access good and powerful engine compared to the other scooter

Answer by Dinesh 12 December 2010

My Suzuki Access 125 is better for all other gearlesss scooter.Most powerful,stylish,low maintenance,etc.My choice is SUZUKI ACCESS 125.

Answer by Yagya Dutt 07 July 2011

suzuki access choice!only

Answer by Vijayagovindarajan 07 July 2011

hi,i am nived i would suggest you to buy swish 125 ,best in performance ,and stylish

Answer by Nivu 11 November 2012

I have to buy a new gearless scooter which one is better....

Answer by Aman 02 February 2013

I will suggest TVS wego as i am one of the user

Answer by Mafeesh 02 February 2013

suzuki access or swish

Answer by Roshan 02 February 2013

Will the best option to buy Tvs Jupiter.

Answer by Kamlesh 06 June 2014

I think acess 125 is the best
I searched many review..

Most of them told acess is the best

Answer by Anu 03 March 2016

what about TVS ntorqe and activa 5g..plz tell me

Answer by Akshay 04 April 2018
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