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Mr.shiva shanker.i have baleno vxi 2005 model and now i want to i went to some dealer showroom and i come to know that baleno have no resale value. so i just want to know y baleno doesn't have resale value. plz reply me as soon as possible.
By Javed 12 December 2010

this is just because of the fact that baleno is poor competitive model of maruti Suzuki and the mileage of the car is also a big isssue

Answer by Raj Ranjan 12 December 2010

maruti has never been successful in making ,rather selling luxury cars ,when it comes to buying anything beyond 5 lacs customers prefer honda, hyundai ,ford ,even sx4 which replaced baleno could not get the sales figures .secondally when it comes to luxury models it always has lesser resale value bcoz anyone who can afford a luxury model generally upgade after every 4 (max ) years and do not drive in an outdated model as it is against their image,thirdly once the model is discontinued it loses resale value.

Answer by Rajiv 12 December 2010

Dear Javed,
It is sad but true, that the resale value of Maruti Baleno is lower than other cars from Maruti.
There are various reasons for this.
1) Baleno is no longer in production- Obsolete
2) Spare part costs for Baleno was among the highest, since most of the parts were never developed in India by maruti and were being imported and sold as SGP- Suzuki Genuine parts. for example even when the car was in production, one rear tail light assembly costed around 10,000/- Rs.
3) All sedans, depreciate more than hatchback, since they are perceived to be more expensive to maintain and run. Exceptional cars are Honda City and Maruti Esteem
4) Although Baleno was one of the best cars to drive, the fuel average was not great (around 10-11km/l).
All that said, don't loose heart. It is not that the car is cannot be sold. Dealers try to play this way to buy the same at rock bottom prices, and make more profit.
You may also advertise your cars, with pics if possible on Website such as Car trade, and if you have maintained the car well, you would surely find some genuine buyers!
All the Best!

Answer by Gagandeep Chhabra 12 December 2010

hi, if its delhi me at 9910405251...will give best price fro ur car..

Answer by Dipanshu 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

Resale value of Baleno is bit less compared to other models of the same price range.The reason could be due to no longer in production,lesser mileage,higher cost of maintenace etc.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010

Dear sir,
The cost of spares is exorbitant and it is very difficult and expensive to maintain car like that

Answer by RAJU SINGH 12 December 2010
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