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Mr.Shivshankar, Kindly help me of this problem, my car matiz is giving lot of problems off late, as recently rats have cut my all the wires of the car and coolant totally drains out, and all this I got fixed immediately, but still coolant leaks a bit and becos no authorised service station I got it fixed wiring problem with great difficulty but not fully satisified with it, as still coolant leaks and engine heats up and fog lamps is not switching on, who would be great service in Bangalore to fix this problem, as I regulary serviced with SLM Motors on KR Road/Uttarhalli, but am not happy with the service, as the mechanics says it is difficult to fix wiring problem as wires are clogged somuch under the engine, so its difficult for the electrician to attend to it and how to keep rats away (inspite of putting rat killing tablets). Please help, as my wife drives this car and at any point dont want to sell the car, as I have bought Manza for myself.
By S Joshi 12 December 2010

U can contact Mr Santhosh, Bangalore Motor Works in Adugodi opp IBP Petrol Bunk..His no is 9844086843.
He services with all Daewoo cars

Answer by MOAZAM ALI 12 December 2010

If you don't like to sell the car,gift it to some one.(orphan home .. etc)

Answer by Techreply 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

Please contact Bangalore Motor Works as mentioned by Mr Ali. They will help u in this regard.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010

Dear Mr.Joshi,
its really sad to know that you are facing problems with your matiz But im really surprised to know that you have bought a manza ,joshi saab do i need to write something or you can read my mind,for people who are not able to understand what i mean Mr joshi was a diehard hater of tata vehicles and wrote 22 comments critisizing tata vehicles and see for yourself he himself has bought a manza which means i was right even then some i year back ,anyway thanks for beliving in what i beleive that tata vehicles are value for money.

Answer by Rajiv 12 December 2010

as stated earlier i am confident that your vehicle will never let you down if maintained it right from the begining ,which im sure you will do.just one advice, do not blindly have faith on tata motors sevice which even i agree needs attention by tata motors,the vehicles post 2006 have improved .when it comes to survival everyone delivers.

Answer by Rajiv 12 December 2010


I really liked Manza at the first sight & on test drive of the vehicle with so many features of luxury car that available at cheaper price made me to buy this car, its a fantastic car with good interiors backed by comfort travel for a small family of 4 , all these factors I considered while buying even my mind was at swift dezire, at the last minute I changed & bought this car, lets see how it takes in near future. As till date no problem with the car.

Answer by S Joshi 12 December 2010
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