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Dear Mr. Shivshankar, I am presently on a US tour for 6 months which started on 16th October and will be back only on 15th April,2011. I own a Maruti Swift vxi(petrol) which is now 2 years old and have run 30000km. I have kept the car mothballed as per your instructions and the following are the things done. 1. I have disconnected the negative and positive terminal from the battery . 2. I got four tripods welded and jacked up the car and the wheel s are now 0ne inch above the ground level. 3. I have covered the entire car body with the body cover . 4. As I am keeping the car in my car porch I have surrounded the car with wire mesh tightly so as to prevent rodents creating havoc with the wiring and also with the A/c ducts. 5. I have conducted the full service just before moth balling the car and have done oil change and other services. 6. I have no body at home to start the car frequently . Now my doubts are the following. 1. I have a 12V home charger and what I ask is do I Have to charge the battery overnight when I return? 2. As the entire oil would have drained to the sump will it harm the engine if I start the car as it will take a few seconds to get the oil in circulation. 3. Do my car need an oil change immediately? 4. What are the other things that I would have to attend to when I start the engine afresh in April 201`1 when I return? Kindly clear my doubts . Thanking you, Yours faithfully, Vijayakumar
By Vijayakumar 12 December 2010

Since you have disconnected the battery, it will not drain much. In any case, it is easy to recharge it simply by running the car. I would suggest trying the starter and if it does not start, eith do a push-start or use jumper cables to start the car. Then simply drive around (even 10 km would be enough).

The oil would have drained to the sump, but then that happens everytime you leave the car overnight or a couple of days. Don't expect any problems.

Answer by Rajesh 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

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Answer by Rohit 12 December 2010

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Answer by Puneet 12 December 2010

GEt the battery charged with a authorised battery shop,For a battery kept idle for such a long period would need a proper charge,The 12 v charger would not be sufficient.Dont worry about the oil as rajesh said before,what you need to do is when you start the car for the first time,do not accelerate when u start.keep it running on ideal til the engine temp comes to normal & then accelerate gradually.

Answer by Rajesh Sali 12 December 2010
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After keeping idle for six months, there are chances that battery could have discharged completely,It also depends upon the quality of battery . In case it is discharged, car has to be started with jump start with other battery.Any car electrician nearby can help in this.
Starting wont be a problem.Recommended to keep it inidle mode for some time to ensure proper circulation of oil. In actual design as the crank shaft rotates,it carries oil and oil is sprayed to the cylinder and rings hence there will be starting of lubrication immediately with starting of engine hence nothing to worry. Check the condition of oil taking out from dipstick,if there is increase in thickness of oil then it needs to be changed otherwise the same can be used for sometime more.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010

I don't think you will have any problems. Once the car kicks to life let it run on idle RPM for about 120 seconds.DO NOT raise the rpm abruptly. Better still, take it for spin at speeds not more than 40KMPH.

Answer by Prashant 12 December 2010
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