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dear sir, i need to buy a diesel car and i am confused between ford figo and used ford fiesta. ford figo is coming in between 5.5 to 5.85. i have seen some used ford fiesta on net.1)2006 zxi tdci 35000 3.5 lakhs 2)2007 zxi tdci 31000 3.95 lakhs 3)2010 zxi tdci 8500 5.75 lakhs. what mileage can i get from 2006-2007 models and what can be the maintenance cost. i am also thinking of the resale value as new cars depreciate rapidly. i am not sure how long i can keep the car as i may need to go to another part of india within two three years. what you suggest considering everything i mentioned. need your help. thank you...
By Dev 11 November 2010

Dear Dev,

I suggest that you go for the latest of the used cars available in the market. Though still not sure why you want to buy a diesel car. A diesel car is only viable to own when you use it more than 70 kms per day on an average. anything lower than that, I recommend a petrol variant of the car. Kindly also mention your budget.

Buying a used car for you makes more sense as you would be shifting to another part of the country in 2-3 years. Every 3 years a car depreciates to it's 50% value. So if you buy a new car for let's say 5 lacs, you would end up selling it for about 2.5 lacs (+/- 10k). the same's applicable for used car. But if you buy a used car which is barely a year old, you can get it substantially cheaper, and still not lose a lot of money after 3 years when you sell it.

Have a look at some other brands than Ford too. Ford is known to be notorious when it comes to maintenance cost. Spare parts are expensive, services are expensive and the part quality is not all that reliable.

to know more write to me on OR logon to and post in your query there.

Answer by Samyak 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

Ford Fiesta has the advantage of spacious interios,proven performance and advantage of sedan. Figo is also good in performance. With fiesta diesel mileage of 16KMPL is reliable. Also for 2006/07 model the maintenance cost is quite reasonable and could range at 7K per service.
Going for new car always has the advantage of easy of maintenace due to warranty back up , confidence of genuine condition.
In overall to select one, if planing to use it for long term (you can transfer the registration to any location in India )then going for new car would be better option.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010
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