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Hi, i was planning to buy an enfield, in bangalore, right now. Due to few circumstances i had to leave back my darling '57 royal enfield back home, at kerala. And am not looking forward to be back home to get it for another 3 years.... Meanwhile i would like to buy another machine for using here at bangalore. was thinking of a second hand diesel bullet. But first want to know few things, as i heard its hard to find a mechanic for the diesel version. and its quiet complicated if there is any repair issue???? how is the feel on a diesel machine? would it be the same as on petrol???? im sure the speed cant be matched.... but the feel??? would it all be the same????
By Kenaz 11 November 2010

and guys if there is anyone who is willing to help me find the right machine for me.....that would be grt and i would be thankful....:-) cheers.

Answer by KENAZ 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

Buying diesel bullet wont be a good idea due to maintenance problems.You can go for standard or thunderbird.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010

Mr Shanka,
Thank you for your response, could you suggest me a better place or dealer who can provide me with the best price and the best second hand machine in bangalore? (thunderbird or bullet standard bykes)
thank you.

Answer by Kenaz 11 November 2010
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