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I have a santro (karnataka registration) which is now in delhi as I shifted to delhi. can I sell it in New delhi?

By Sumit Uprety on Sep 26, 2008


  • I think It Is Not possible for You sell the Car in delhi.Recently i have to sell My Santro Noida Registration (Delhi and NCR) i have to face the Problem finally we find the buyer they required Noida Registration.
    Answer by Amit on Sep 26, 2008

  • As Amit mentioned it will be very difficult for you to seel your SAntro outside the registered state. As per my knowledge buyer need to re registered there vechile in Delhi or NCR RTO and once has to face too many problems like providing NOC from existing state etc..

    I am intrested in buying you vechile. I would appreciate if you can provide me the details of your car. You can call me on my mobile i.e +91 9711603425 or email the details at
    Answer by Siddharth Mittal on Sep 26, 2008

  • wrong reply by Mr amit, ya you can sell your santro but the thing is that you will have to sell it in a negotiable price, ie if you are expecting 1 lakh for your car , you will have have to little bit come down , ie you can sell in 85000.It is very much possible
    Answer by Kapil on Oct 7, 2008

  • hi, sumit
    i m looking to buy for 2nd hand car, can u give me the detail particulars of ur car.

    Answer by Rohit on Oct 7, 2008

  • I am also looking to buy for used car. please send the detail.
    Answer by Harish on Oct 7, 2008

  • ......i am interested in your car, please write me about your demand and give some ditails too.
    Answer by ALOK VERMA on Sep 27, 2008

  • u can sell it in delhi, no problem at all, but the price would be less for your car as its karnatka registration...pls advise your car year of registration...i can buy your car in me at 9910405251
    Answer by Dipanshu on Sep 27, 2008

  • i also have an indica 2003 model in great condition.delhi number but i want to sell it in mumbai as i live in mumbai.any1 interested plz call me on 09867570005
    Answer by Abhishek on Oct 7, 2008

  • it is easy to sell to a person in karnataka rather than takin risk n sellin there....

    Answer by KUMAR on May 4, 2015

  • Still u have that car ? If so pls. Call me at 9999888086. Thnx.
    Answer by Prasad on Feb 16, 2016

  • If the car is not sold yet, kindly call me with the details of your car. Model, Km run and the overall condition and the expected price etc.
    Rajan 9136061000
    Answer by Rajan on May 23, 2016

  • I will buy your car in Delhi please contact 8151810700
    Answer by Ahmed on Dec 29, 2016

  • please call 8151810700
    Answer by Ahmed on Feb 16, 2017

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