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Hi Experts, I have a problem with suspension strut of my car. My Hyundai Sonata Gold 2002 model car's left suspension has got weak. While checking it has been concluded by Advaith Hyundai Team that the strut is worn out & same has to be replaced. The Service Manager is forcing to change both struts of the rear suspensions. I am thinking to change only the one which has got worn out as the rest all 3 are good & can take a boot load of around 300Kgs with 5 people in the car. What would your experience say? Is it better to change only the left one suspension's strut or both? And how to analyze that both the coil springs are healthy? If u know anyone who can recondition, supply original Koni Gas Struts,then kindly plz forward their contact details to Thanks & Regards, Swapnil Natu.
By Swapnil Natu 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:


If one strut is worn out completely and other in good condition then one can be replaced now and other later. If there is excessive oil leakage from strut and springs has become weak due to consistant usage then remedy lies in replacing the same then reconditioning.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010


Further the left side strut has worn out, i have used the car hardly about less than 600kms with full load that too very gently & at present only we 02 people travel that too very rarely as i have come to know about it.

One more problem is that i have upgraded the tires from existing tires to 215/60/ R16 & when the body moves down, the beading edge of the car's body is touching the tire & sound is coming, even though the strut is worn out, the suspension is not badly hitting.

But with the right side one, which is in good condition this situation does not occur.

Also i did not understood ur point ie. remedy lies in replacing the same then reconditioning.

Do u mean to replace the strut & recondition the spring?

Also request you to provide me the details of such mechanics in Bangalore who r expert in this job plz.

Thanks & Regards,
Swapnil Natu.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 11 November 2010

Mr. Shiva,

Ur clarification is awaited on the below two things.

' remedy lies in replacing the same then reconditioning.'

Answer by Swapnil Natu 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

Sorry for delayed reply.
The point is if that strut has two parts shock absorber and coil spring. If only shockabsorber is worn out and become ineffective then you canget it replaced and retain the coil spring. If both are worn out is spring has become then assembly needs to be replaced.
Also suitable modificationhas to be made to ensure car body not to touch tire.This can be done by mechanic only.
Please mention your location so that in can guide the expert mechanics near to your location.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010

Hi Mr. SHiva,

THanks for your valuable input.

I stay at Bangalore, It would be very better if u can suggest anyone near by Marathahalli or White field, even though if you can suggest any expert mechanic, i will aproach him immidiately.

Swapnil Natu.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 11 November 2010

Hi Mr. Shiva,

Did not get ur reply.

Swapnil Natu.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 07 July 2011
Expert`s comment:

sorry for the missed reply.

Please contact

Carnation Auto India PVT LTD
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Mr Zain,Mr Aswath
No.19/2, Narayanaswamy Building, Kadubishnalli, Opp To Maharaja Furniture, Marathahalli, Bangalore - 560037
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Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2011
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