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Hi Car Experts.. Serious Query.. I am interested in Buying a New Car with following requirements:- 1. Range 5lacs to 6.5lacs. 2. I prefer to buy entry level sedan with good boot space. 3. My Daily Run is 20kms in city traffic & 1500 kms in a year on highways. 4. I want a good looking car with all new Tech features. Car Should have good mileage (Petrol or Diesel - Still Confusing).I plan to hold car for next 5 years, so no phasing out models. 5. Short Listed - In Sedans - Ford Fiesta (diesel),, Very much keen to buy Toyota Etios Sedan. (But God knows when they are launching this car). 6. I feel due to budget restrictions I will have to compromise on high end hatch backs... I also short listed - Ford Figo, New Skoda Fabia & Hyundai i20... 7. Please Don't suggest any Tata or Maruti.. Because I am just not interested... 8. Finally I would love to buy Fiesta Diesel - Limited Edition model... But people say Co. will bring up new fiesta in Jan 2011... What To Do... No Idea... So Kindly help me out to buy a good Decent Looking, Gr8 Mileage, Good Boot Space Car.... Also I feel that I would get Good year ending discounts.. Specially in month of December... Is it worth waiting for Jan 2011 Awaiting for your Suggestions... Regards Bhavesh
By Bhavesh 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

Ford fiesta diesel is a good selction for its proven performance,reliability and interior quality. Recommended to go ahead with fiesta.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010

With in 6.5L the best option is New Skoda Fabia.

Answer by Vinod 11 November 2010


I don't think u can make a dicision coz i feel ur bit confused,u r not able to short list either sedan, neither tha hatch back. First plz understan what is sedan & how it's differenciated from Hatch back. If u go with a actual meaning, all the cars u mentioned are far away from sedans coz minimum sedan starts with Toyota Corolla & the listed one are just peanuts... :).

If u want a seden kind of vehicle with boot space & that too new one well within ur range, u have only options like Indico Manza petrol, Swift Dzire, Ford Icon Flair or if u can streach lill, then u can think about Chovey optra/ Cruze or Fiet Linea.....!

Don't ever think about Toyota coz i don't think u can maintain it as all toyota vehicles will come out after service for minimum 12 to 15K INR.

If u wish to go with a hatch back, go with either swift VDI or Fiet Grand Punto. I20 is the poor car in this segment w.r.t power & AC.

Limited edition Fiesta is wonderful car but it's ex show room price is only 6.75 Lacs something, so on road it may touch 8 Lacs.

Further ur well wish,

All the best..!

Swapnil Natu.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 11 November 2010
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