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Sir,I want to know abot real milage of SX4ZXI in city and on Highways.Pl provide detailed information regarding maintenance cost of the said vehicle.Is it a good ,comfortable and happiliy self driven vehicle without much maintenance cost and trouble?What will be an ideal market rate for may 2009 SX4ZXI car?PL sujjest and oblige? Does it suits my stars?
By Bksingh 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

With Maruti SX4 expected mileage is around 14KMPL on averge. Maintenance wont be a probelm.2009 ZXI model can be bought for around 8 Lakh.For astro suggestions provide date of birth,place and time.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010

Sir, SX4 has two versions presently plying on the road.Older version is very bad and mileage is too bad. Newer version is very good and mileage is also good. I am not sure whether 2009 version belongs to older version or not. Verify it first whether it is older version or not.New version has auto transmission version too.I advice, never go for older version. You can approach to your nearest dealer starting period of newer version and any other relevant queries.

Answer by Partha 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

2009 Zxi version should not cost you more than 6.8 lakh rupees.Mileage of the SX4 is slightly lesser than it's rivals at about 12 kmpl overall.Maintainance wont be a problem as Maruti has the best service network in the country.

Answer by Rohit Bajpai 11 November 2010

Thank u all for your kind suggestions.I want to know in detail about old version and new version of sx4.Wheather may 2009 belongs to old version or new version?
My date of birth is 27.01.1961 time 8.15pm Haldwani,Nainital Up now in Uttaranchal.Pl predict and advise as well.I have a deal to decide at earliest.Pl help.

Answer by Bksingh 11 November 2010
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