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I have a Pulsar 220 DTS-i bought four months ago,with 5800 kms on the odometer(in Pune).I recently came across a peculiar problem(atleast it seems to me).The bike is misfiring when ridden for 16-18 Kms at a stretch.The guys at the service center were not able to rectify it completely.It just came back from the service center for the second time and now also the problem persists.Can u please tell me how it can be rectified?I am really frustrated due to this.I trusted Bajaj very much but now i think i will have to dispose my bike.
By Tarun Patel 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

The cause for misfiring could be due to defective sparkplug/sparkplugh gap or problem in ignition circuit and also there could be chances of improper diagnosis of misfiring. Recomended to take the test drive with a experienced mechanic.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010

Change Spark plug & test if still problem exist check ignition Coil also. I am sure problem would be resolved.

Answer by Sunil Kumar 11 November 2010

hiii... if u like to dispose it n u r in Ahmedabad, then contact me on 9024511121 or

Answer by Raj 11 November 2010

Buddy, Disposing the bike is not the solution. Am sure the guys a the service centre are new to the business. Beter check with a good mechanic and ry replacing the spark plug as mentioned above by another dude.. This should resolve your problem.

Answer by Vicky 11 November 2010


For my Yamaha Gladiator also the same problem was there. The service person removed the silenser vent at Engine's end, there one Tin sheet will be placed for holding the exhaust manufold properly, he did something like tightining & all. Now the problem is totally stopped.

Better u contact Castrol bike zone or any famous pulsar specialist at ur town & get the Timing chain & valve calibration (Setting done). Also get the proper tuning & carborator cleaning too as an add on.

I think that such problem can occur only in 2 stroke engines, if the problem is due to spark plug or coilin four stroke, it may start giving jerks...

Answer by Swapnil Natu 11 November 2010

I own a Pulsar 220 DTSi and it is a fantastic bike. Only necessity is a good mechanic. Change ur spark plugs to NGK Iridium. Do buy the MSD coils as well with that. Pune has a host of bike mechanics, try the bawa garage on East Street (the same guys who operate from a bungalow compound opp. Cafe Coffee Day). They should be able to sort out thde problem in minutes. Also suggest you use MOTUL 15W50 imported engine oil, it is the best for a P220. Happy riding.

Answer by Reeto 11 November 2010

Give me a call on 9595343408,,,i will help u out on this .....

Answer by Aditya Chatterjee 11 November 2010

@Reeto- Thanx 4 ur advice buddy..but can u pls tell me whr i can get the iridium spark plugs,MSD coils and the MOTUL engine oil here in Pune??Thanx in advance...

Answer by Tarun Patel 11 November 2010

U check the sparg plug & coil assembly for this problem.

Answer by Pushparaj M 05 May 2013

I want to change my pulsar 220s spark plug with ngk iridium . can u please tell me which model should i choose and the price ...
Nd how can i maximize the bike performance

Answer by Vichu 07 July 2017

Do this things
1,clean your petrol tank
2, change your plugs
3,check by changing your carborator
This will short your problem
I have same issue in my bike now it solved

Answer by Satish Singh 07 July 2018
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