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Hi I'm rajesh from chennai and i'm planning to buy a used car. my budget would be 1.5 max. Which car i can choose ? considering the maintenance cost , fuel efficiency and resale value. i'm getting for ikon 1.3 (endura / rocam) easily for that budget but year will be 2002 /2003. But same year santro zip drive coming to 1.7. What will be best decision ? some suggesting try to strech and get santro. if santro is there any difference in engine between zip drive and xing ? Please reply. expecting the experts answers.
By Rajesh Shanmugam 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

Wwith good lt of search you canget a good conditioned Santro in range of 1.5 lakh.It will be best suitable considering performance and maintenance.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010

Hi Thanks for the reply. Is there any difference in engine/transmission in santro so far ? any version is fine ?

Answer by Rajesh Shanmugam 11 November 2010

sir i have a santro zipdrive for sale in chennai. very gud condition. if in need contact 9094711372

Answer by Narayanan 11 November 2010

Hi! Narayanan,
Pl send details to my mail

Answer by V PRAKASH 11 November 2010


Better if u think about Icon rather than the Santro Zip as the price is hardly 1.3Lacs.

Icon has got better space, boot area. In boot area, u can think about LPG or CNG fitting too for improving milage.

Icon's petrol engine has got very high life & hence i request u to take some pain to search a good car rather than going for a useless car like santro n all.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 11 November 2010

I was myself looking for a used car in the range of 2 Lakhs. I did a lot of survey and research on used cars. I was looking at Honda City 2002/2003 models which fit my budget. I took test drive of atleast 40 different cars. I even checked cars from branded used car outlets like Mahindra First Choice.
My impression was that used cars, though are cheap initially have increased maintenance. I opened an excel sheet and compared the running costs of a used car along side a new car with the downpayment of the used car and rest as EMI. I found that there was not much difference (around 1-1.5K) per month.
After a painstaking 2 month search, I finally booked a new Indica vista Quadrajet ABS this month. I think you should also do your math first.
And my thought is that you should not compare Santro and Ikon. Both are good cars, but are of a different league. Ikon is a sedan with a boot. The increased weight will definitely give you lesser mileage. Parking may be a problem if you are in a city like Bombay. Personally I wouldn't go for an Ikon that is so old. Of course, you have the luxury of space and convenience.Again, finally, whatever car you choose, just make sure it suits your need and space requirements. Have fun! Happy Driving!

Answer by John Sunil 11 November 2010

Don't go for too old used cars as the repair cost is high and spares are costly. Always go for the car which have more garages/ service centers in your city/ locality. Make mind and purchase a brand new alto which is cost effective and peace of mind.

Answer by Anil Singh 11 November 2010

if you want to buy old car,no think above 3 years advise to you if you spend 1.5 lakhs,take loan 1.5 lakhs and buy new alto or maruti 800 in lower budget.,maintainance and rapair of santro is very costly and highly expensive compare with maruti

Answer by Pravin Patel 11 November 2010
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