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Which bike should i go for pulsar220or karizma ? which will give more mileage?
By ABHISHEK 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the two Karizma would be better choice for slightly improved mileage compared to Pulsar 220 CC.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010

noo waysssss......!!! karizma drinks petrol without a burp,it gives avg like 18-20-25.....go for pulsar.....if you dont....its a mistake.........

Answer by Dhruv 11 November 2010

I have both bikes. In my view P220 will give u more average than Kari. My Kariz gives me around 33km/li and 220 gives around 38.
Engine sound is better in Kariz. No doubt Both are nice if u dont have avg. issue. But nowdays kariz R have less "X" factor than 220.

Answer by Raj 11 November 2010

Dhruv :see, there maight be leakage of fuel.. i have never heard of either p220 or karizma giving such a low mileage :)

Answer by Shodhan 11 November 2010

hey bro pulsar 220 rocks re in style, looks , safety ,in mileage i dont know but all these things pulsar rockss go for pulsar 220f

Answer by Pratik 11 November 2010

i got the both bikes...pulsar 220F is the best...
its a different feeling to drive a pulsar...about economy i will simply say that its unbelievable but true that i am getting a mileage of 47-50 in my pulsar 220F where as in my Karizma r the mileage was 35-38..i know that any other pulsar may not give such a fuel consumption but for me i am lucky enough to get this.. In case of style thrill,safety and other X factor pulsur220F is the best...
except the sound of the Engine or smoothness and maintenance KARIZMA R is ahead of PULSAR 220F...
concluding that go for 220Fpulsar just for men, but those who had a strong heart...THE FASTEST INDIAN....

Answer by Manash 11 November 2010
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