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hi i am prakash i am confuse between yamaha r15 and hero honda new karizma zmr pgm-fi than which is beter for me and i want to know which company have best value between this companies. thank you.
By Prakash Chhabria 11 November 2010

Hello Prakash, the question posed by you is very much on the mind of most first time buyers. I have an answer but you must promise to read it patiently.

Our first buy is very important and we want only the best. However we forget that there is a lot of future ahead of us and there will be newer bikes coming on the scene.

We also forget that these are bikes for the experienced riders only and not suitable as first time vehicles. There are many reasons which will be revealed only with passage of time. So my answer is if you are new, keep away from both.

If you believe you are experienced, and if you happen to be below 5 feet 8 inches, then the R15 is good. Otherwise the ZMR will feel much more comfortable.

My advice is to stick to the 50 to 60 thousand bracket for a few years by buying the Honda Twister. Hone your skills and maybe after about 3 years, you can move to bigger machinery. Chances are that you not want to ! Believe me.

Answer by Microman 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

The comment posted by microman is quite aggreable. However if plaing to buy one among the two, Karizma would be better.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010
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