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my bike is 2 months old i have a unicorn dazzler and have rode it for only 1100kms...i am getting an avg of 35km/l and wish to increase it.....the honda guy says it coz i have ridden it for only 1100 km and have compleated thye second service.....will the mileage rise????
By Abhishek Anaokar 11 November 2010

Abhi.. To the best of my knowledge, synthetic oils do not harm your engine. I don't know about the 'magical' 5K Km mark or how it changes things.. You may have to re-confirm it (Let us know if its true). Your gear shift pattern should depend on the speed and load. Keep the motor revving at a particular rpm where the engine is most comfortable. By load I mean the physical load as well as gradient (Slopes) on the road. So I can't say that third gear is the most economical for fuel consumption. Look at your motorcycle specs. See where the torque peaks. Keeping it above that range will see your engine happy as it would not have to strain to power your transmission. :)

Answer by John Sunil 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

Mileage will improve after second service. Also follow all fuel saving tips like switching off when idling for long waiting etc.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010

the second service is complete but still less avg...only abt 35kmpl can u pls email me some dos and donts so i know where i am going wrong??????also pls mention something about gears to speed shift and how to accelerate as in continuous or accilarator and play combination

Answer by Abhishek 11 November 2010

also pls do tell me does half clutch gear shifting do anything good or bad???

Answer by Abhishek 11 November 2010

Hi Abhishek
If you face this problem do one thing , after starting the bike wait for 10-15 seconds in neutral then go ahead . I am doing this in my own Karizma R and I get around 40 kmpl .

Answer by Abhijit 11 November 2010

hey is it ok if i keep changing gears??? as in continuously??? coz wer i stay i got bad traffic some times

Answer by Abhishek 11 November 2010

I have a P180 and get an average of 45 Kmpl in city (Mumbai) and upto 48 in Highway. Once I even got 50 Kmpl in highway.
The key to good mileage is using a proper engine oil. I use castrol synthetic oil. Also, while driving, even in city, use the highest gear at which the engine is comfortable. Low gears will give good pick up. However, you should be very cautious that you don't strain the engine while driving at higher gear. For example, in P180, anything above 8-10Kmph I shift to second gear. and above 20, I do third in city while driving solo on plain road with heavy traffic. My bike seems quite comfortable with that. So what suits the gear ratios in yours.
Never drive with half clutch. If the engine chokes, shift down, but don't use clutch to control speed. Clutch should either be engaged or disengaged. Driving at half clutch increases your fuel consumption and also wears out the clutch plate.
Get your bike serviced at regular intervals. Whenever I get my bike serviced, I change the engine oil myself. Also, keep chaging the engine oil at fixed intervals. it is very important. I change between 1000-1500Kms.
This keeps your bike in good condition and goes a long way in improving your fuel economy.
Happy Driving!!

Answer by John Sunil 11 November 2010

thanx alot john u r a real life saver...ur answer was really helpful....hey just wanna know one thing is that is the third gear good enough for fuel economy???? also my bike is now on 1500km so is it ok if i use synthgetic oil coz a friend of mine told me dat for the first 5000km u r not supposed to use synthetic oil...i know i sound paranoid but dis is my first bike and i love it alot its only the fuel economy that hurts me...i bet u guys reply...looking forward to an answer...thanx once again...Abhi

Answer by Abhishek 11 November 2010

hey can u pls tell me the name and cost of the castrol synthetic oil u use.

Answer by Abhishek 11 November 2010


Answer by Abhishek 11 November 2010
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