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I Purchased TATA NANO February 2010 LX BSIII Scratchless Condition No extra Fittings Purchased for Rs.1,60,000.Is it Worth.My friends are scolding me in taking a decission in Purchasing NANO in view of Fire Accidents. I am new to to FOUR Wheeler.Kindly advise in Maintaining it in a Better manner witout Danger of Fire Accident.Kindly advise whether to Dispose.
By SRK Ram 11 November 2010

Thank to all our Contributers.On your Overwhelming Mental Support I am going ahed with NANO Pride of India.But Why Mr. Siva Sankar Garu is Silent o this Issue.I request Mr. Siva Sankar also to Contribute on this aspectI am giving hereunder my old Question.

Answer by SRK Ram 11 November 2010

Dear Mr Ram

Please do not listen to your friends/relatives who are scolding you for buying a nano..the nano is a perfectly safe and fine car...

2 or 3 cars out of 50,000 cars sold had some problem and that too it was not a pure manufacturing fault..Can you tell me for sure that not even a single Alto or M800 ever caught fire??

TATA has taken care of whatever issues there are with the nano and its a very safe and enjoyable car...Please do not worry..

I am a Nano owner too and I have not faced a single complaint from the car for the past 7 months....

Enjoy your car with peace of mind

Answer by Shiva Kumar 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

There is no need to worry about a nano as TATA has updated fuel lines in the nano and hence eradicated the fire problem so don't worry and enjoy our nano,it's a great car.

Answer by Rohit Bajpai 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

I think the stray cases of few fire accidents could have been the handiwork of other competitors,who,wanted to DEFAME, Indian Nano,as they could not make a four wheeler for that amount of One lakh,as ,they would like to have MORE PROFIT, and make a car,more stronger,than required for an ordinary person on the road,to drive without getting Wet or hot sun,and take his children with him in Nano istead of perching four on a precarious two wheeler.
JUST FIT AN EXTRA CUT OFF SWITCH, from ONE of the BATTERY TERMINAL,i,e the EARTH TERMINAL, and fix a HEavy Duty Switch for cutting OFF the supply,whenever,you lock your car,and go out.This is the safest way,and ,I had it in my old AMBASSADOR,and still going strong,without any problem.You can ask your LOCAL electrician or mechanic to do that,instead of going to the dealer.GOOD READING, Dr P C RAO. PUNE.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 11 November 2010

The fire accidents that took place on NANO is (perhaps) fitting of extra and heavy electrical systems such as Stereo, Central locking and power windows. When these things get fitted by unprofessional people not adopting proper methods and ethics, the wires are bound to get heated up and end up with fire.

Answer by Vikrantt Mohan 11 November 2010

dear friend,
please do not have any worry about nano performance.the car is being made after the model has undergone extensive tests during the development period.Automobiles do catch fire in odd cases when some one tinkers with the electrical system or in extreme stray cases manufacturing lapses take place.Many maruti cars have caught fire in India .Be a proud nano owner.

Answer by N R Menon 11 November 2010

Tata Nano is a value for money car! I own this nice car since Feb 2010. People who drive it or travel in it appreciate it very much! The people who say that 'it's like a cycle', 'it's dangerous and not at all safe' etc are hypocrites and for sure wouldn't have experienced the good things about Nano!

It's one of the best cars I have experienced so far!

Answer by NanoOwner 11 November 2010

Hi friend dont worry about nano, You need to care for following things to have a safe drive.
1. Battery below the driver seat should not have lose connections, battery terminal should be covered with some rubber.
2. Dont drive the car more than 70KMPH with AC ON.
3.If some passenger sitting on back seat he can easily observe that the seat is getting heat, So if the heat on the back seat is more than turn down the speed.
4. Use good coolent,

Last, I had seen scorpio, Indica, Alto all on fire on highways. so it is always recommended that not to use any loose terminal near to engine area.

Best of luck and have a nice time

Answer by Jatinder 11 November 2010

i dont agree with jatinder, you dont have to limit your speed to 70kmph with the AC. I have driven my Nano LX over 4500 kms in just two months, and using the AC nearly all the time. After the initial running in period, i have cruised in this car at 80-90kmph, and it does that smoothly, though with a lil bit of strain on the engine. But never did anything feel like it would fall apart.

What i would recommend, is not to park the car and let the engine run at idle for long periods or with the AC running.

And please read the owners manual thoroughly for more information, its the first and best guide for any maintenance requirements for the vehicle.

Answer by Jaideep 11 November 2010

There is no such problem as you state. They are cases of accident in rail and air also but all of us do travel.Do not take one or two happening as a defect because we do not know the circumstances it happened.I also have a nano but I am disappointed with the average it give to me in the Kolkata city which is calculated by me to an average of 10 Km. Rest all seems perfect as per the cost.

Answer by Nandan 11 November 2010

Dear Ram,

Tata Nano is incredibly spacious for its size and more sturdier than any of the maruthi product, as for the fire accident, two or three vehicles which caught fire recently was due to fittings done in outside market and not by company or showroom, owners take it to other fitting centers whose personnel have no knowledge of the engine layout or electrical wiring system , while fixing a stereo or extra fog lamps they use wrong wires to connect resulting in short circuit / damage to censor which is what exactly happened in those nano's , stop worrying and enjoy your nano and its driving experience , i am buying a nano too very shortly. beleive me i have been driving different vehicles for the last 16 years and i was surprised on driving Nano for its space ride and handling, sturdiness , definitely better than

Answer by Srinath 11 November 2010

Buying ANY TATA car comes with inherent risks, people who buy them won't admit to making an error in judgment and buy them ONLY because of the price.TATA's make the poorest quality cars, look at the indigo, indica where leaks, rattles etc drove people. I have a FIAT Linea and TATA servicing is so bad that i feel like diving the car into their CEO's face!!AVOID anything to do with TATA.

Answer by Vikram 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

The image of Nano is badly affected due to fire incidents. However there are plenty of Nano which are running successfuly. Buying Nano is not a bad choice.You can use the same for all city and short outing purpose.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010

when 4 months back ,on this very forum ihad raised a question about media and camerapersons of news channels being present at all fire incidents related to nanos many irrelevnt questions were raised surprisingly one of the experts who had commented negatively is praising the same product after four months .present generation of all tata cars are safe reliable and value for money ,as far as mr vikrams comment about tata cars being driven only for price and admitting errors about judgement well mr vikram ive been driving tata cars for the last ten years and ive owned all models of tata cars except the nano and aria and i have never regretted my decision and if u raise a question about me being quality concious my other two cars are ford endev,and bmw x5 which every regular on this forum knows about .i again with all faith claim that the present generation of tata cars are exellent and value for money provided in the right hands.

Answer by Rajiv 11 November 2010
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