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My Opel astra gear box was removed for checking the fly wheel ring. after refitting the car is not starting. My mechanic says it can be an ECM problem. Pls. help. Regards Nagendra Varma N
By Nagendra 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

The problem could be due to missed connections in electricals. Please ask the mechanic to check al connnections manually and later using diagnosis kit.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010

tell him to prove it is an ECM problem - these things are better not done on a hunch. there are ways to show that it is actually defective - ask him to run a diagnostics on the car. for that he will have to tow the car to a dealership where they have the facilities to do that. it is better to spend on the towing charges then waste money on a new ECM which will be far pricier (should be roughly 30k).

Answer by Arjun 11 November 2010

Car have two major parts, One is engine and other is gearbox/ differential.
If they have removed the gearbox, It mean they have dismantle the clutch which is nothing to do with the engine, They must be misguiding u..

Answer by Jatinder 11 November 2010

when you changing the fly wheel your self stater bendiex penion not matching with your flywheel. please check the self stater.

Answer by Samirbhattacharya 11 November 2010
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