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Hi, I would like to purchase a car from CSD as my father is an ex-servicemen wherin the CSD personnel say that they would require a four wheeler driving licence to purchase a car through CSD. When I approached the CSD depot for purchase of four wheeler less than 1300cc, they said " you should be a four wheeler license holder, then only you can avail the car. Otherwise , it is not possible. At this age of 65, how can my dad get a license? Would like to know whether the beneficiary pensioner should be a four wheeler license holder to purchase a car through CSD?
By Vimalanand 11 November 2010
Expert`s comment:

For purchaning through CSD, the buyer should have relevent licence and it should be taken in his name.Otherwise it can be bought from outside dealers.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010

The answer to this question is a resounding NO. There is no need as per the Motor Vehicle Act or Rules that for purchase of a four wheeler it is necessary that the person have a 4 wheeler license. As the person is an ex service man and also a senior citizen, it is not possible for him to obtain a regular driving license legally. You should write a representation producing the medical document of your father and send it to the officer concerned and also to the Ministry of Defence.

Moreover such persons often have health problems like heart or BP problems. Their hearing also would be poor like their eye sight. These persons could very well use a driver or their children to use the car for their needs.

There is no written condition in the guidelines for CSD that 4 wheeler licence is necessary. The guys in the CSD only want us to go private dealers directly so that they get their commission.

you should take down the name of the officer who said this and prosecute him. If you go to a good lawyer and file a case before the High Court, I am sure that you will win hands down.

All the best.

Answer by SANJAY 11 November 2010

I want to buy swift car for bussiness purpose so i have to get premit on it can i get permit even if i buy car through csd

Answer by Satwinder Singh 07 July 2016

I want to sell my bike. But befor one month i purches it from csd. Can I sell it

Answer by Vish 06 June 2017

I am a jco of Indian Army I want to buy a mahindra Scorpio from depot, what are procedure for it

Answer by Man Prakash Rai 06 June 2017

Hlo sir, ,,
Meri service Abi 3years h,,can I buy a car, ,

Answer by Pankaj 05 May 2018

Is this the correct way to buy car from Csd.

Answer by Rahul 06 June 2018

I want to buy a car through CSD my father is a x service man I want to know if I send amount behalf of my dad fr my account through RTGS and I give the UTR number is it possible

Answer by Vinod Venugopal 07 July 2020

I want to buy a car through csd my father is a exserviceman i want to know if I send ammount behalf of my father my account through rtgs and I give the UTR number is it possible

Answer by Rakesh Chandrawanshi 08 August 2020

Copy of driving license is relaxable for retired JCO OR and Senior Citizens

Answer by Venu 09 September 2020
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