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Hi I'm planning to buy an used Verna VTVT XXI 2007 model. It has done 132500 kms. The mileage they say is around 10. Is it worth enough to buy the car @ 3.5 lac or should i go in for someother option. Pl suggest. Rajesh Coimbatore
By Rajesh 10 October 2010

i have skoda 2004 delhi regd tdi, silver color 70,000kms...very good need to invest single penny on it....asking price 3,45,000..if interested thn call me at 9910405251.

Answer by Dipanshu 10 October 2010

Verna. having done 132,000 has lived its life. Cannot depend on Korean cars beyond 100-150K kms. Also an average of 10 !! Definitely avoidable.

Answer by Kapil 10 October 2010


Mr. Kapil is using Pushpakwiman it seems as it's life is immortal.

All cars r almost same life span else how they will run their business if one car can run more than 5L Kms?
yes but it depends how it's being maintained!

Hyundai cars are the most reliable car.
U can go with this car only if it's of a very close or known person & if it's used maximum on High way travels.

Also u can get the verification done through the authorized service center once as it would be a fair deal in price of an used Ascent.

Engine life of Verna is more than 3L Kms, but there are other factors which will also needs to be considered like consumable spares of the car which require a periodic replacement as per the schedule of the preventive maintenance. Those are mainly 01. Healthiness of Head & bore - Check for back fire. It can be done by holding a white paper sheet in front of the exhaust vent & rise the accelerator, check if any oil spots r seen on the paper ( do it for about 50 to 120 Seconds, else it needs to be overhauled & cost is about 15K, Also check if the Timing belt is replaced else u have to bare for about 7K. Cutch plate assembly with hydraulic cylinders replacement may cost u about 18K INR, all suspension struts & bush replacement may take about 30K INR, also the coil springs may add up another 20K if required, all wheels & tires may have to be replaced for about 50K INR, who knows about the AC performance & other misc. expenditures( interior part like seats, doors, power windows, steering wheel assembly & its condition all has to be thought about) may be another 10K INR.
All together 1.5Lacs may be the highest expenditure which u may have to do by thinking in worst scenario.

So what u can do, u can bare 50% of this so try to negotiate for another 75,000/- after getting the all above points checked, u can think about it. See, as when u r getting a car worth INR 8 Lacks for such a reasonable price, then it's obvious that there are some bombing works & those may be required to be done.
So if u get succeeded to one dicision saying all works are not required to get done, then still u can try to negotiate for at least 30K, else as i think negotiate it for about 75K, hence u can get a better car even after replacing so many spares for max 3.75Lacs which would be a fair deal.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 10 October 2010

my suggestion is don't go for vehicle with such great running the actual maintenance will start now so think over it and go for a car with less running

Answer by Rajesh 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

Considering the KM run, though it is available at cheaper price, the maintenance cost would increase drastically. Hence it would be better to go for the same provided maintenance is not a constraint otherwise avoidable.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010

Close ur eyes and reject the offer.

Answer by Wolverine 11 November 2010
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