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I am thinking taking my first car. i am intrested in HYNDAI I10 KAPPA ENGINE and FORD FIGO DESEIL CAR. i am not frequent traveller. Tell me which will suit for me desiel car or petrol car Budget 5 to 6 lakhs
By Gudla Ganesh Babu 10 October 2010

Mr Ganesh, buy Hyndai I10, u r not a frequent traveller, petrol is good and maintenance free. Ford maintenance is very costly and they will screw.
However, I am using Swift diseil and travel every day 50 kms minimum. Hyndai cars are good and elegant, I was using santro which iwas fantastic.
All the best,

Answer by Pal 10 October 2010

Sir, Among the two you have mentioned, definitely I10 is better though cost is little bit in higher side and maintenance too is costlier. Surely, you should choose petrol version if your usage in not more than 50Km. per day. Do not brush aside Maruti models as it has some extra ordinary advantages. These are 1) No dearth of service center.Frequencies are too high.2)Spare parts are cheapest.3)Easy availability of Mechanics.4)Facilities like extended warranty and may be even discounts.But ultimately it is your choice. So go on and enjoy your new car.Huandai too is a reputed one and it's quality is beyond doubt.

Answer by Partha 10 October 2010

I works with Hyundai and definitely I should suggest i10 or Santro GLS but as a adviser I will not only suggest, I will ask you to buy your first car as FORD Figo Diesel model. Points to consider :
1. On road price : i10 (4.3Lks) Santro ( 4Lks) Ford (4.6Lks)
2. Maintenance: Hyundai showroom & service centers are more in comparison to Ford.
3. Maintenance cost: It never makes difference due to Petrol or Diesel model. Yes the life of Diesel engine is less comparative to Petrol, if not maintained or serviced on time.
4. CC is more on few thousand rupees difference. Ford Figo 1400 CCC & i10 1200CC.
5. Ford Figo is having the same engine of Fiesta.
6. Ford has changed a lot in terms of Service, price & spare parts, Comfort, space & safety also imp one is maintenance.

I can only advise, decision would be yours. Dont compare with any other car. Think about Ford which is FORD.

Hats off to Figo designers.

Answer by Abhishek Varshney 10 October 2010

In case u anticipate more travelling(aroudn 100Km a day) and need boot space, consider entry level diesel sedans like Dzire and Logan. they are within ur budget and spares are not expensive

Answer by Harish 10 October 2010

Go for ford .......Its going on great 60,000++ sales in 6 months .....people are not fools !!! Its a wonderful product

Answer by Yogi Khan 10 October 2010

Hi! Guys of late there is no diff btwn petrol r diesel engines as diesel engines also vry refined n only thing 2 be cautious of timely maintainance fr diesel so chose which u like???

Answer by V Prakash 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

Ford Figo diesel would be better selection for reliability,cost effectiveness and advantage in long term usage.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010
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