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I'm planning to buy New i10 Sportz next month. Just wanted to know if buying at the year end will seriously dent my resale value or is it the kms clocked that primarily matters?
By Rakesh 10 October 2010

Rakesh ,the scenario is completly different during 2nd week of december ,right now its the festive seoson and sales targets are easily achivable.

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010

Hi Rakesh, If u can wait then wait till January.
resell is affected more by yr instead of KM cloacked.

Answer by Summer Walia 10 October 2010

Boss, it really does'nt matter when to buy a car, but it all depends how important it is for u to buy a car. If u keep on thinking about resale before buying it,then u keep on waiting year after year. So if u want it now, go ahead and get it.What can be more auspicious than this time i.e., Diwali.

Answer by Rajesh Narula 10 October 2010

if iwere u iwd think of today and negotiate hard with the dealer to give me discounts and offers right now ,i dont care of saving a few thousands years down the line bcoz my experience is december is the right time to buy cars as there are maximum offers by dealers and companies to achieve targets.what u save right now is always important than what happens after years ,this is completely my thinking and is noway binding to anyone else .

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010

Yes, I do agree that lots of discounts/freebies are generally available during year end. But in my case, as the car is recently launched, I'm not getting any discount/freebies :(

Well, if response to a car is good, then we don't see much discounts at all. E.g.:My friend who bought i10 last March did not get discounts but as the car was somewhat old in the market, he got a couple of accessories thrown in. Also we do not see discounts for Swift

Answer by Rakesh 10 October 2010

Sir, if there is waiting list and period, there is no discounts. If there is huge demand, then even you will see black marketing yes black marketing even though all dealers will vehemently deny such allegations.I have concrete proof to substantiate this.If you want to purchase in December, better wait till last week of January ( Remember till 2nd or 3rd week of new year, old models are sold.) of course if you do not believe in superstitions. I am a believer of God but non believer of such things in serious issues.

Answer by Partha 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

There is always matter of year as you will have to mention 2010 while selling which directly indicates as one year old due to to change of year,It would be better to buy in January if worried about selling later on otherwise you can go ahead with taking delivery in december.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010
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