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Hi, can I fit a conventional tyre on my BMW (BMW 520d) in case of a puncture? I've heard that, the RFT's need to be replaced after a puncture, so if I fit a conventional tyre of the same size on a single wheel incase of an emergency when I have to go long distances will it affect the ride quality adversely? Because tyre repair shops are not at close distances in the areas I travel
By Prithvi Bundela 10 October 2010

Hi Prithvi,
Lately there are many BMW customers who are complaining about the run flat tyres on them. Yes you can fit conventional tubeless tyres on your beemer, but it is suggested that you fit tubless tyres on all the wheels and not just one. In case of an emergency, for that particular duration you can fit a tubeless tyre on the wheel, but be sure to change it later. I would rather advice you go to your BMW dealer and get the tyres changed from run-flats to the regular tubeless tyres, they are much better in the long run and economical as well.

Answer by Autozing51 10 October 2010

Hi Prithvi,
A lot of BMW customers are facing problems with run-flat tyres. Yes you can fit a regular tubeless tyre on your beemer but, make sure you fit the tubeless on all the four wheels and not just one. In case of an emergency for that particular duration you can fit a tubeless on the punctured wheel(provided its the same size), but be sure that you change it later. I would rather suggest that you go to your BMW dealer and ask him to change the tyres from Run-flats to the regular tubeless tyres. The tubeless ones are more good on performance as they do not affect ride quality of the car either and at the same time are much more economical than the RFT's. We have a forum going on our site for run-flat tyres. Feel free to comment there.

Answer by Autozing51 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

Runflat tyres can be repaired.However repair depends upon extent of damage caused due to puncture and running after that. As far as going for alloy wheel setsis concerned,it would be more economical and also easy to maintain.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

I my BMW X1 i had to replace one RFT after about 10000kms as it got a cut on the side wall after going through a pot hole. After that i have done 43000 kms and hope to continue for another 5000kms before i change. One tyre has a small pin hole puncture which results in dropping of pressure from 34psi to around 26psi in about 5~6 days so i have to top up the pressure every week. I could not find a repair for this. However i have had a couple of punctures in the face which were repaired by normal method used for tubeless tyres and are doing fine. Even when there is a puncture the warning comes upon when the pressure drops below 20 psi but i could still drive comfortably till i find a repair shop. In no case have i experience the tyre going down to zero pressure of completely flat. I need to change my tyres in the next few months and exploring the possibility of replacing with non-RFT. If any one has experience , i would like to know,

Answer by Khushjiv Singh Sethi 04 April 2016
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