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Hi, I'm planning to buy the new i10 Sportz variant. The dealer has quoted me a price of 5.4L, without a single freebie/discount. Though the price seems standard throughout my state, Karnataka, I would want to know if I could avail discounts/freebies. If yes, then please provide advice on how to.
By Rakesh 10 October 2010

i am bit surprised after seeing the cost of your car
as 5,25,000(ex showroom) is the cost of asta model in chandigarh.
you get ex showroom price of your city
and it is correct or
follow theis link given below

as per my knowledge there is just exchange offer going on new i10
best buy

Answer by Mantra 10 October 2010

The price I mentioned is the on-road price. Karnataka has high taxes (may be among the highest few in the country) :(. Though the ex-showroom price is not much different between Karnataka (say Bangalore) and Chandigarh, the on-road price will indeed be much higher in Blore.

Answer by Rakesh 10 October 2010

sounds pretty unfair!!!!!
yeah i agree as in chandigarh(U.T) tax rate for small car is 3000 whereas in punjab it is 12000....on road price becomes high
you can go for i10 sportz as i have seen there is not much difference im asta and sportz

and yes there is just exchange bonus on newi10

best buy

Answer by Mantra 10 October 2010

I heard that it may not be a good idea to buy a car during year end as the year of the car will change. E.g.:If I buy in Dec 2010,it will be termed as 2010 model, but if bought in Jan 2011, it would be 2011 model. Would this make a appreciable difference in resale or would it be the kms that would have final say?

Answer by Rakesh 10 October 2010

hmm.....i would lke to tell that we are also going to buy hyundai i20
so we have also taken this point under consideration.
the answer from me is
if your going to keep your car for atleast five years then this thing doesn't matter
but yes a bit if you would be selling it after2-3 years.

now its all upto you
moreover the resale value dosen't drop much.

and yes finally your car would be priced on how much you have driven so it won't effect much but may be of rs.5000-7000 less than jan 2011 model

rest is upto you

Answer by Mantra 10 October 2010

also one thing i forget to mention that in chandigarh if we doesn't want to register the car within time a month of purchase then we can extend it by giving reason and an affidavit for a month more
the main thing is that when you are selling the car
to any person he would see rc and date of registration on it, nothe the actual make etc.

so if possible then you can also do this

Answer by Mantra 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

Though i 10 sports is a good selection,recommended to check with other cars like Punto or Ritz and check if discouunts available.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010
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