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confusion regarding buy a new car Tata INDIGO eCS TDI LX euro-IV engine or Hyndai ACCENT executive CNG [budget is around 5.5 lac.] 1) which one is better option to buy a Tata Indigo eCS LX TDI(Diesel) or Hyndai Accent executive(CNG). 2) above both car, which one have better performance in Drive? 3) as point of periodic or yearly maintainace, accent CNG or indigo eCS diesel, which have low maintainace cost ? 4) which one is more reliable car as i am going to use it atleast for 5 - 6 year. please suggest me to buy any of above two car by looking at all criteria like, long run, fuel economy, reliablility, engine performance, resale, avarage, safety etc...
By Nilesh 10 October 2010

Just blindly go for hyundai product in that case. I am at present using ACCENT VIVA CRDI. Hyundai would be best comparng tata diesel. Go and grab it.

Answer by SELVAN 10 October 2010

Hi Nilesh,
If you have only these two models in mind then go for the one with diesel engine because CNG is low on pick up & speed.

Answer by Ghorpade Niteen Dilip 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

Between these two models I would definitely recommend a Hyundai Accent CNG simply because it is overall much nicer to drive and the running costs of cng are lower than diesel.While CNG did compromise performance in earlier vehicles,with new and advanced technologies like a lamda sensor & timing advancer there is barely any difference in performance.However there is one drawback with cng that it is still not very widely available and with a small range of just about 180-200 kms on a tankful you'll have to go in for a lot of re-fueling.If you are ok with that than the accent is a wonderful car to own short-term or long-term along with having an excellent resale.

Answer by Rohit Bajpai 10 October 2010

Hi Nilesh,
Before taking any decission take a test drive on indica vista quadrajet, it will suite your budget as well as gives you good mileage,if you are considering to buy TATA vehicle go for it,it is the best car in its class.

Answer by Hitesh 10 October 2010

if u have just two option accent executive and indigo ecs then iwd suggest accent very reliable car ,the only negative point is the model is quite old and there is a chance of its getting phased out in the coming times as hyundai is not getting a very high sales figure other wise its an execellent car ,as regards indigo it is a value for money car for people who drive alot and change their cars in two or three years ,refinement wise definitely accent.

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010

dont go for accent you will waste your money, go for any other like fabia

Answer by Gurpreet Singh 10 October 2010

Well accents ageing looks, alpha engine are quite outdated.try ford figo VW polo or swift deisel better options.

Answer by Manjunath 10 October 2010

According to me U should go with Accent . A very GOOd car I am Also Using it

Answer by Sumit Gaba 10 October 2010

Between your choices, go for Indigo TDI. Accent is almost phased out. If you can stretch your budget you get Vista Quadrajet which has good features and excellent engine. Happy driving..

Answer by Rejish 10 October 2010

Mr Nilesh, I would suggest Indigo Cs or Indica Vista, 3rd preference will be Hundai Ascent, life of Diesel engine is more compare to petrol engine, but as for as driving comfort & inner space is concerned Ascent is good, pick will be more, all the 3 above mentioned vehicles are good u have to decide which will satisfy ur requirement, with regards, Basheer.

Answer by Basheer Ahmed 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

Indigo eCS is a god choice as a diesell sedn for its cost effectiveness, reliable performance and spacious interiors.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2010

Hi Nilesh,

according to your budget , go for Indica vista aura ABS, very good features, good look and enough space.
if you really looking Sedan, then the best is tata indigo Ecs.

Answer by Anaz 01 January 2011

Thanks to everybody for your kind suggestion. yet i have did not lock my deal as m not much in hurry too.
as i said in my question, budget and Car model, but more is i want diesel sedan car. more ever i can little extend my budget too. other wise, one of reply i received above, Indica Vista Quadrajet ABS or WV Polo is good option and also both are in next Priority.

from few above reply, Accent is good one but there is no noticeable up-gradation in engine, where Indigo eCS overtake with new refined Tata's CRDI engine.

1) will CNG fuel degrade the engine performance and its life ?
2) is diesel engine's maintainance cost is higher than CNG one ?

Answer by Nildeep 03 March 2011

Hi Nilesh,

As per your requirement indigo eCS or Indica Vista Aura Qudrajet is the best option. In both cases you will get better mileage, huge space & stylish look. Now these days maintenance of Diesel car is not high. Also in quadrajet engine u will like petrol car. Now choice is Yours.

Answer by Rajeev 04 April 2011

Thanks to all my friends for for your kind suggestion. Z

Answer by Nildeep 04 April 2011
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