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Can you guys please provide me tips on safe and perhaps fast driving during night. My problem is with all the flashing headlights of passing vehicles from opposite directions. Few tips I got from few of my friend is to look at the left side of the road and not directly at the passing vehicle; and installing anti-glare. Driving at night is one of my major problem because of which I have lot of issues with my travel plans as they go haywire. I need to be absolutely comfortable with night driving on all kinds of good or bad roads and conditions. Please advice. Thanks, Prashanth
By Prashanth 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

Its indeed a great problem evverybody faces during night driving specially in two way single road. The high beam lights from opposite vehicles make almost blind for a while. However following points would help for better driving
1. Use dipper when opposite vehicle is approaching you in this way opposite driver would relise size your vehicle and can steer easily.It also sends message for opposite driver to follow traffic rules.
2. Use sun visor to avoide flash light directly falling on eyes.
3. The tip given by your friend is a good one and worth following
4.Other idea is to follow the vehicle in front of you if its there . ie concentrate on the taillamps of front vehicle and you can avoid viewing head lights of opposite vehicles directly.
5. Drive bit slowly when series of vehicles comming in opposite direction which induces stress on eyes.
6. Do not get down from the road track as much as possible specially if its wet road as there are always chances of tyres getting stuck in wet mud.
7. One more thing is to display reflectors in front of the vehicles as it is done with Trucks .Though its bit difficult as it can affect onroad image, there is huge benefit in fixing the same.It allows the opposite vehicles to recognise your size of your vehicle from long distance.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010
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