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Sir, I am using caliber croma 2002 model onwards intial i got mailage 65km but suddenly droped to 44km( ofter change new Cylender)macanic suggesting to cange the carburrator. But he is not identify the is possible to get the good mailage after changing the carburattor? any possiblity what is the cast of Ucal-Mikuni VM18SH Carburatoor. Thanking You with Regards, Jagapathi
By Jaggu 10 October 2010

i also had caliber 2002 (112 cc old), wich was used more than 3.5 lac km. engine still sealed n ok. sold in mar 2010. changed one spark plug, chain sets and tyres (clutch cable n odometer cable frequently). no periodic service. only engine oil n air filter change. CALIBER IS SAGA. NOW I OWN PULSAR 135.
as expert suggested take out for service including engine oil change with spark plug inspection. check milage carefully. problem will be sorted out. FOR ANY PROB CONTACT ME AT

Answer by Jolly 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

With fitting of new carburettor would improve mileage.However the mileage you are getting with 8 years used caliber is quite good and getting service of carburettor would be a better thing to do.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

no need of changing the carburettor just tell ur mehanic to set the carburettor for good milege. after replacing the pistons in starting it will reduce ur milige afterwards when the pistons macth the block then it will work free and will lead to increase ur milige .

Answer by Wasi Shaikh 10 October 2010

With vintage, due to WTO(WEAR/TEAR/OVALTY) veh tend to loose its pulling power, milage, etc. So need not to worry. Approach a good mechanic and ask him do the following
a)check clutch plate, piston rings( may needed to be changed)
b)overhaul front disk brake/rear brake
c)adjust chain
d)replace air filter
e)overhaul carburettor(needn't to change, cause bajaj caliber croma used the best carburettors)
d)keep accurate tyre pressure
I am anxious to mention you that Iam also using 2001 model, the first inducted lot of one of the same CROMA fetching me 75+kmpl even today after screwed it nice and proper for more than nine years by now. So changing only the carburettor wont give you the desired KPL average.
Take care.

Answer by SELVAN 10 October 2010

I have bajaj112 cc jadu. I have to change its carburettor. but its carburettor is not available in any bajaj showrooms. so please suggest me which carburettor will fit in my bike.

Answer by Sanjeev 10 October 2013

we have caliber croma 2002 disc brake model, we want new carburator for this model bike,

Answer by Rajavel 01 January 2013

i need carburetor for caliber croma 2002 model

Answer by Amrish 01 January 2014
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