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Sir, I am Harmeet Sabharwal DOB 15th Feb 1968 at Bombay at 12.43 am Morning. I am looking forward to buy a SUV Fortuna for long time , but I am not able to buy it. When I have money ,i did not get vehicle. when car is there , i do not have money. Pl. help me Pl. suggest remedy or alternate . My Maid Id : best regards
By Harmeet Sabharwal 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

From your birth chart it can be concluded thatapart from hard working and saving money you can get desired vehicle with performing pooja to Lord Ganesh on regular basis.It helps to overcome kind of obstacles you are facing.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

see a financial planner at the earliest.
Buy some insurance policies and invest your money wisely

Answer by Rajat 10 October 2010

I dont think going for a astrologer will help. It may further loose your saved money ;)
Try creating a online Fixed deposit(FD)options. Some banks like RBS/ICICI/HDFC provides the option to create/cancel FD accounts oneline & cancel instantly whenever you require it.

This will helps you in protecting your saved money as well can gain interest rates if not used. hope this will help.

Answer by Manoj 10 October 2010

Sir, nowadays, when our average GDP is almost 9 percent, you must realize one thing that money is flying in the air. Only you should know, how to catch it.Follow my advice, I will give you guarantee that you will earn money as much as you want.1) First step: Increase your knowledge in trade and industry.Gather primary knowledge in Economics. Newspaper like ET will act as best guide to you. 2) Keep close tab with BSE and keep information about other important foreign exchanges. 3) Slowly invest in equity Mutual fund may be through SIP route( Check portfolio distribution). Try to gather knowledge in IPO and Secondary market transaction by this time. 4) Finally go to the equity market when you will be confident enough. Mind it, entire process has a risk factor. But life itself is a risky one. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.Even you can loose your job tomorrow. that does not mean that you will never join any company.Be sure, Harshad Mehta era is over for good and our system is now sufficiently full proof though corrections will continue to take place.

Answer by Partha 10 October 2010
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