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Hello,...! I'm intrested to Change interiors in our TOYOTA INNOVA Car through to latest works of modifid car makers or any other person to provid good & fine work or design in my car,I live in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh,& I have know any dealer/person address in my mind, Mostly this working addresses is so far away from my disitation. Distance is a major part play to unsolve solution, So my req for all readers of this question ? Please advoised me which is a better option for me & the work in car is needed. I need information about addres of Good Car Modification expert. Which feature is add on in Innova car (by look or by useful & helpful point) What is a key factor of modify works in car.Which work is providing good or long life of car And which work is not better or any harmful plz give me a tips for alover working related info send to me.Thanking You for read this & Thanks for helping Note- please suggested with out name of DC guru or any name in mumbai, because I can't afford distance above 500 km Approx from Lucknow.
By Sfq 10 October 2010

I need some good/fine/well design interiors or exterior work for change looks with newly feature adding in old car
Remake with New Looks & New and better performing on roads with some extra equpments or Newly parts,Asseccrious to add on.

Answer by Sfq 10 October 2010

I can provide you upholestry leather for your Innova at the best rates and with 9833001222.thankx

Answer by Danish Khan 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

The number of car modification centers in Lucknow is quite less. You can check with car accessories centers in your location.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

My sugession is not to go for any sort of alteration in ur car, Innova is best car, which is satisfying all the needs of a customer, if at all u want to do some R&D work, better purchase a old Maruti Esteem or similar car, spend money around 1 lakh not more than that, sit with a mechanic go on telling ur requirements . with ur idea & his idea u will be able to discover some thing new ,what we usually see non TV programe, where people modify their cars & they spend a lot on this ultimately a wonderful unbelivable thing will come out of that, this only a sugession, if u r not satisfied with my comments I take back my words, with regards Basheer

Answer by Basheer Ahmed 10 October 2010

i fail to understand why do you need to answer if u cant provide the exact info.go for modification by DC i.e dilip chabaria company who are the best in india .these dc kits are available for innova swift ,nano and other cars with Carnation auto it is a venture of ex managing director of maruti having its h.o. at noida contact 01204522222,01204522201. pls do not get your car modified by any local mechanic as its looks worst after a few months when plastics cracks and paint starts chipping off.

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010
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