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I would like purchase a second hand car. Please tell me it is right decision or not. mail me at: -

By MOHD NASIR on Sep 20, 2008


  • Expert Hi,
    Its a good decision considering following points.
    1.You can pay at a time and hence avoid interest for loan.
    2.Lot of uaed cars available depending upon budget and preferences.Starting from 50K to 20Lakhs.
    3.As number of new car models is increasing .People tend to upgrade their car .and hence sell a good conditioned car.
    4.Even you can also sell the same after certain period of usage .You need not bother about huge balance in loan amount .etc.
    5.In current trend most of cars will be sold after usage of Maximum of 3 years.

    Some of drwabback of used cars include.
    1.You cant be sure of history of car ,how much ever details the seller provides.
    2.Resale value will be less because it may become third or fourth owner etc.As a general rule quality of car will be looked depending upon owner ship,If its single owner , trust factor increases,

    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 22, 2008

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