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Hi, am looking for a used car within a budget of 1Lac. Have some deals available with Tata Indica Lsi & Ford. Not sure whether to choose them would be beneficial...
By Sriram 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

In the price range you can get a good conditioned used Maruti 800AC.It would be the better selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

Don't even think of planning a Ford.
you have not option but maruti 800.

Answer by Abhijit 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

I feel the best option within your budget would be a Maruti 800.If you have managed to find an indica and an ikon at that price I think those cars would be well beyond their best years and hence would require a lot of expenditure on maintainance.

Answer by Rohit Bajpai 10 October 2010

don't go for tata indica. or u will end up in lot of expenditure on maintainance.

Answer by Ratnakant 10 October 2010

do not go for maruti 800 at all it does not have even basics like powerbrakes ,in your budget go for a zen or esteem if u want to remain in maruti stable otherwise if u want driving pleasure go for either fiat palio or ford ikon ,ikon has slightly costlier maintainance then will be driving a sedan ,naturally its going to cost more ,dont believe people who scare you and think if a person has low budget he deserves the basic can even buy a baleno if u increase ur budget by a few thousand its a failed model of maruti and does not cost the sky as mentioned .till date there are two models of maruti which never picked up sales namely the baleno and the versa.

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

First things first there is no such thing as 'power brakes' so don't get mislead.Secondly it is possible to even get a Honda Accord in your budget if you are prepared to buy a 25 year old car.We are suggesting a Maruti 800 to you as that is the newest car you can get within your budget.You can get a 2006 model Maruti 800 AC or a 1999 model baleno/accent/ikon wihin your budget.Choice is yours.

Answer by Rohit 10 October 2010

hello sir i self is ravinder antil i have a tata indigo 2003 model car is good conition contact me i want to sell my car 135000/negotable any contact me 09813338303

Answer by Ravinder Antil 10 October 2010

Abhijit, You had bad experience doesnt mean ford is not a good option.
Sriran, I am a proud owner of ford ikon 1.6, it gives me the comfort, drive pleasure & luxury. Moreover you can get a top end model vehicle at your price. A well maintained ford vehicle is definetly a value for money. Only draw back is the milege giving around 8-10 in city & 10-13 in highways. but anyways compared to the confort drive & luxury, milege is not bad.
I accept rajiv's comments,never opt for Maruti 800. It is a milege vehicle. Again,It depends upon indivuidual, I could never opt for Maruti 800 just because of milege, its good in milege and lags everything else. I guess a second hand maruti 800 doesn't give better milege as well.

Think & make a wise decision. Good luck

Answer by Manoj 10 October 2010

i have maruti 800, zen in ur budget but alto & santro just a little bit more than that of ur budget..delhi regd...i deal in good quality used cars...if interested thn call me at 9910405251

Answer by Dipanshu 10 October 2010

Strict NO to FORD. Moresoever when it is going to be a second hand vehicle. The spares and service cost will eat you up and not only that , you will have to be at mercy of the pathetic, useless, so called 5 star service of FORD.

Answer by Hemant 10 October 2010

mr car tradeindia expert mr rohit will u pls explain what in a odinary man words is booster assisted brakes called ?does maruti 800 have it ,secondally does an 800 have effective ac which is a must in todays circumstances and can u guarantee that a 2006 maruti 800 perform better than a 2001 ikon or palio .anyone who has a buget of 1 lac knows very well that he cannot drive 5000kms a month without trouble ,and for that matter the cars chosen by the person are induca petrol or ford which is indicative that he wants basic comfort and wont drive much ,in that case a palio or ikon will be far better option than the ancient discontinued model 800 even a maiz will be better than 800.

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010

hi i have maruti esteem in good condition 1998 model if u want to purchase plz call me 9876008067 or 9592295926

Answer by Narinder 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

Yes Mr.Rajiv I can guarantee that a 2006 model 800 will perform much better than a 2001 ikon or indica.Both Tata as well as Ford cars are nightmares to own once they have crossed the 6-8 year mark.I am sure a person buying a pre-owned car will look for a certain degree of reliabilty in his vehicle which I am sorry to say are next to nil in a 9 yr old indica or ikon.And dude regarding 'power brakes' if you would have written booster assisted brakes that would have correct in the first place,There is no term power brakes as such.You have exposed your ignorance by asking the person to go in for a Matiz over an 800.My case rests without an arguement.And yes regarding the car ac,of course an ikon or indica will have a more effective ac,provided it works.The ac in an 800 might not be that effective but it will always work.I would like to further reiterate just stay away from used Tata or Ford cars.

Answer by Rohit 10 October 2010

techinal names do not change the meaning of something ,as far as compairing maruti 800 and ikon well even if the ikon was 12 years old it will always perform better than an 800 which nothing but a milage car it was succesful in its days just bcoz there was no option available .as regars my ignorance about cars well ive lived cars for around 10years of my life driving more than 5 lacs kms in my life and till now ive owned 13 cars in my life and today i own cars which many dream of ,relibility of any car depends on its maintainance not how many years old it is ,so intead of commenting on me better brushup your knowledge Mr expert rohit bajpay .

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010

Mr. Rajiv

We are neither interested in knowing how many cars you owned nor how much kilometers u drove. Please stop that cold war with Mr. Rohit since no one is interested in that.
2 Mr. Sriram- Since u are concerned about a budget @ 1 Lakh.....pls there is a Big Noooo for Ford and tata that too 2001 make....if u want to make ur life miserable in maintaining only that car then go ahead. you will end up in paying more money on maintainance than the car value over a period of 3-4 years. I think Maruti 800 is the best option.

Answer by Ravi 10 October 2010

hello sriram
according to your budget i would like to say maruti 800 or maruti zen would be a good buy for you
as they come from reliable brand.
and definately you will feel good and happy
but be very very very very careful while buying a used car
try to buy from direct owner and not dealers
try more and more to bargain
and if you have got your heart on a particular car then take a good mechanic along with you to the car so as to evaluate car's condition(accidental) or else things.

now to the respective owner and experts
definately we can get 20 year old accord for 1 lakh
and 10 year old ikon
but the main thing is that one who has a budget of a lakh would buy car for convenience and not for luxury.
this is obvious that one who like and crazy for accord and has a budget of lakh would definately go for it without putting questions to any other.

if you have love for sedan and crazy for them
go for it.
if convenience from rain, wind , cyclone , winters or summers then
just a car with foor doors,roof,good mileage and easy to maintain
that's it
best buy

Answer by Mantra 10 October 2010
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