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Hi I am vipul from Mumbai. I am Planing to buy the New WAGON R.Can you pls confirm whats the fuel efficiency of the New Wagon R in Mumbai city conditions with Bumper to Bumper Traffic?(As per customer feedback)
By Vipul Saraiya 10 October 2010

I dont know about mumbai... but in delhi's bumper to bumper traffic it gives and average of 13-14km per litre where the AC is turned on in between... on highwaays i have achieved maximum 16.5 km per ltr... but this is the old one. the new Kb series should give 10% more than this.. ..

Answer by Sud 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

In the trafic of bumper to bumper draging, none of the car can be gaurantied of better mileage.However as a general rule and for city driving you can expect around 12 to1 4 KMPL and it cango up to 16 to 17KMPL in highway.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

hi,considering the fact that you will b driving in a bumper to bumper traffic, i suggest you to go in for either a swift or ritz (assuming ur a maruti brand loyal) or an i10... the new wagon r's pick-up is a slag..infact, its slower than even the original wagon r 1061cc which was 1st introduced in india...also, with the a-star having the same engine specs as the new wagon r,its much peppier than wagon r..seems maruti has deliberately made this car slower so as to promote its newer siblings...u can definitely take a test drive of all of the abovementioned cars to feel the difference...personally i found the swift wilder than all,delivering the same efficiency of around 13kmpl...

Answer by Krunal Shah 10 October 2010

Minimum 12 in city
Minimum 15 on Highway

Answer by Ankush 10 October 2010
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