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Hi, I am plannig to buy Indigo cs eGlx(petrol), as my budget is 5L maximum. THis is my first car and my usage may come to 1000 km/month. Can any one tell me is it worth buying TATA's petrol car.
By Venkatabala 10 October 2010

fist u decide wether u want petrol or d model becz as per your running 1000km, petrol cost wud be per month will be 4-5 thousend so increase your buget by one lakh more and go for diesel like ritz . I drove several but its my personal exp this is expenseless vehicle and mil/lit what i m getting is 24 so if u get min 20 + mil your fuel exp will deceresed by 45 % so calculate your 1yr petrol exp it will come arround 55 thousend but in diesel ur exp is 30 thousend so for 3yr .your extra paid amt on deisel version wud not be more then the petrol exp in 30yr .lastly advice if u sale petrol car after 3yr u will get 40 % of your purchase value,but if u sale diesel car on 3yr u will get min 65 % .so think again but dont go for tata diesel car .

Answer by Vinod Mishra 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

For the usage and budget range mentioned ,Indigo eCS is a great option.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

Tata's petrol engine is not very refined...and has very poor better go for Swift Dezire....else u can still go for DICOR model as 1k per month is very decent for diesel engines

Answer by Chandy 10 October 2010

as mentioned earlier ,anything which sells and is seen on road always has a reason and is value for money .indigo ecs is a very refined and successful model and it sells ,too many calculations do not lead anywhere ,test drive the vehicles yourself and find the best for you .my advice ,go for indigo ecs a very good car despite many sharmas and misras going against it.

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010

You should go in for Indigo eCS diesel model and petrol, it is worth the money because the latest model has good finish as well as mileage.

Answer by Sayeed 10 October 2010

indigo ecs (deasel) is the best car for you good parformence very good milege & also a very good service network of tata cars & avery good finishing lot of space & comfort

Answer by Neeraj 10 October 2010

Take the test drive, same price you can get a good car also. Logan petrol around 5 lakhs .Specious and quality is best good milage also

Answer by Thomas 10 October 2010

hello vekatabala
if you would run your car 1000km every month then i would recommend you to go for diesel car or a petrol car from maruti(because of good mileage).
if you can stretch your budget a bit then go for tata indigo ecs
and if not then
go for maruti's swift or ritz
don't go for indigo ecs
you will cry after buying it

Answer by Mantra 10 October 2010
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