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sir, i have planning to buy a hundai snatro-2003 car ,1st owenr it's runing 60000km,car is good condition. price asking 1.7 lak. it's price is correct. please give me suggestion.
By G VASUDEVAN 10 October 2010

No you are being looted. Ideally he should give away the car for free it being such an old car. But not more than 80K.

Answer by Peter English 10 October 2010

peter,may i know where are you from,i i guess your not a indian, i agree with you, he should give the car for free according to british norms,but here in india,second hand cars are having more demend thn new one...

G VASUDEVAN -- 1.3 is the best price,if it has full unclaimed insurance and check with menchanic before you pay.
and beaware of RC and check online in RTO site ,weather it is on first owners name engine & chasis number, color.

Answer by Mukul 10 October 2010

Recently i have purchased nano CX its cost me around 1.8 lac
even i was planning to buy 2nd hand car but i changed my mind
better go for a bracn new car..

Answer by Sandeep Puri 10 October 2010

santro and nano is not the right comparision ,a santro of 2003 should be around 1.3lacs if fully loaded i.e.power window body colored bumpers and rear wiper plus defogger.

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010


The Value of the car depends on the place/state u live-in, in Maharashtra/Delhi/North India it is little cheap compared to South India. Santro 2003 model with 60000 kms on odometer, can be brought for max 1 to 1.3 lacs, subject to fully loaded like power stiring, power windows, central-lock,body colour bumpers & rear wiper,defogger/fog lamps & AC. But most important is engine condition and all original documents with accident free history. Good luck.

Answer by Sham 10 October 2010

Dear Sir,

The old shape santro 2oos is good, but the price is a bit high, the actual price for the car is 1.3 ie for full option(with power steering,power window,A/C,rear fogger and wiper,and Mp3 player.
Before purchasing the said vehicle u just check the vehicle with a mechanic especially % of smoke when start the vehicle, oil leak from engine, replacement of parts like doors, engine cabin door etc.

Answer by Anu Cajetan 10 October 2010


I am quite surprised with the replies, santro Xing has 4 models in 2003 i.e. XP,XS,XL and XG......XS is the topend model having all power windows,central locking, rear wiper with defogger..Santro xing has the best resale value in that segment even better than the rival wagon R and its superb car. Those who are saying they can get the santro xing 2003 top end model in 1.3 lakhs, it seems like they are dreaming. I challenge everybody here who can give me santro xing 2003 make top end model in 1.5Lakh forget 1.3 Lakhs...I am ready to buy same day....I stay in pune...Please guys dont confuse the people with such answers and dont reply without any analysis.

Answer by Ravi 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

It can be bought for max of 1.35 Lakh

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

max price for 2003 santro car(fully loaded) is 1.3 lak.I think its better to go for santro xing r waganor.

Answer by Arpitha 10 October 2010

Thats a lot. But check the car for accidents before buying one. check the chassis, if it has any welding marks dont but the car. It means that it has been into an accident and has gone through some repair works, and chassis damages if welded can turn out to be dangerous. Check what kind of noise it makes on bumps because the suspensions generally wear after so many years. press the car from it front end and check if it goes down all the way and comes up, if it doesn't it means the suspensions are not working properly. check for pedal wear if it corresponds to the odometer reading also check for tyre wear it will give you exact idea of how much Km the car has done.

Answer by Akshay Gupta 10 October 2010

Hello Mr.Ravi,

Before commenting check what the question is, here Mr.Vasudevan has not mentioned about the models, how can u say it is for xs it may be for basic model or other, challenging and other things keep aside, think practically, second hand car market is very broad and big, being a same car owner will have some feelings but don't simply comment without checking antecedents. Even if u calculate depreciation @ 15% for 7 years & the car value is zero, but it is not case, as some old cars more than 10-15 years sells at some price. I had 800 of 1994 make and sold for some value.

Answer by Sham 10 October 2010

Hiii Mr. Sham

Pls refer my answer ,i am not commenting on Mr. Vasudevan's question but on the replies which are posted for the question specially ur reply. U talking about top end model cost @ 1 to 1.3 L...It is always easy to comment that u can get xyz car at such a low cost but practically good cars doesnt get at such a low cost inspite of having a broad market of cars. And this comment is not because of being a owner of same car but because of automotive business.
@ Mr. Vasudevan: Pls check the service history of the car and also follow suggesion given by Mr. Akshay Gupta, Try and negotiate to close the deal @1.5L subject to below condition
1. No accident history and major repair.
2. Excellent engine condition duly checked with proper mechanic
3. Fully loaded car with good tyres
4. In a nutshell well maintained car

Answer by Ravi 10 October 2010

mr.vasudevan had already droped his idea of buying this car which is of 7 years old and may be he thinks not wise to buy such a old car at not a reasonable price. So question of commenting will not arise at all.

Answer by Chetan 10 October 2010
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