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Hi Mr.Shiva, I had given my Matiz for general servicing and on checking my mechanic told suspension is weak, so need to do the suspension work and some stiring related problems, so I want to know what would be the apprx cost of the same, please advise urgently. Thanks in advance. S. Joshi
By S Joshi 10 October 2010

Better you sell the Matiz and go for a new / second hand maruti car... which will be given less maintance..

the total cost for the 4 wheel suspenction work will around 15k to 20k.

Answer by Car Expert Raja 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

Ask the mechanic to do suspension bush kit changed. If the problem persists, It needs to be replaced. Aapp cost of Strut could be around 4 to 5 K.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

Mr joshi ,as advised by shankar get the bush kit changed and if the problem remains then go for the rest approx cost should be 5 to 6k max .in our country there is a major class who cannot think beyond milage and maruti ,it is very difficult for this class to believe that there is something like driving pleasure .

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010

Hi Mr. Joshi,

Matiz is a one of the best car ever. If u feel the works mentioned are enough & car can run at least 50,000 Kms after carrying out these works, please go ahead. If there r chances of major works in future, then better to think about a new car.
Just check if the original spares are avialalbe for stearing wheel problem as it's the most important component of the car.

All the best..

Answer by Swapnil Natu 10 October 2010

Hi Thanks to shiv & all my friends for your valuable advice and please note that my wife drives this car and she don't want to sell it, becos she so attached to it, and availability of spares is not much so till date I keep this car, any how I already booked Tata Manza & delivering during Diwali, and as shiva given his approx. cost and my mechanic also told it will be around 5 to 6k for front suspensions and other general servicing. Thanks once again to Shiva, Rajiv & Swapnil.

Answer by S Joshi 10 October 2010
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