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Have any body seen and drive Indica Vista diesel car ? Let me know how is it ? How do you feel ? Frankly answer is appreciated.

By Ramakrishnan on Sep 18, 2008


  • Ya I have driven this car.It has the same engine as that of SWIFT. IT IS A VERY POWERFUL CAR AND DRIVES LIKE A BIG CAR.It will give you an average of 15-17 in the city and it is a really spacious car with lot of goodies.
    Answer by SAHIL on Sep 19, 2008

  • Yes ,its a wonderful and powerful will be a nice option to go for.
    Answer by Sumit on Sep 20, 2008

  • vista comes in two engine variants. the old TDI engine & the latest multi/quadra jet engines.the quadra jet engine is fab. very low vibration & good pick up.the fuel efficiency in the quadra is very good. looking at the rising fuel prices & emmission norms, i suggest the quadra jet, though its slightly higher prised to the TDI variant.i think its time we moved along with the new tech engines.compared to the earlier indica, the fit & finish is a lot better.
    Answer by Munaf Patel on Sep 22, 2008

  • Thanks Mr.Sahil, Mr.Sumit, & Mr.Munaf Patel.
    I shall be more glad, if any of other`s openions pl.
    Answer by Ramakrishnan on Sep 22, 2008

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