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Dear all, i am using maruti versa and i am using it sparingly. when I starting the car after 4-5 days, [during engine heat up at the start] i have seen smoke coming out of silencer alongwith water, the smoke is neither white nor blue, it is colourless [ like steam from boiling water].is it normal or anything serious with the engine?
By Suresh 10 October 2010

If, the smoke is not black there is no need to worry.
Actually water droplets from a cars exhaust are a good sign as far as engine condition is considered.
But it's better to get checked...

Answer by Abhijit 10 October 2010

boss no need 2 worry, the cars having very good engines shows these types of symptoms
so be happy & dont worry for anything everything is ok & good

Answer by Sandeep Nehra 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

There are no problems with water drop lets comming out of silencer during starting.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

Don't worry at all rathar it indicates that the Engine is in sound condition.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 10 October 2010

there is nothing to worry and your car is not going to crack as mentioned by one of our friends and i suggest people answering these questions to be more responsible and not scare people by their stupid anwers.

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010

Don't worry at all rather it indicates that the Engine is in sound condition.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 10 October 2010

dont worry its depend on the weather some time it will happen

Answer by Srinivasan 10 October 2010

Its a normal yar ,its a correct mixing to air and fuel, so no worry

Answer by Karthikeyan 10 October 2010

advise me which is best second hand car amoung esteem, zen and wagon r of 2004 model and the budget is 1.4.

Answer by Vikrant 10 October 2010

Dear Vikrant,
I suggest you go for the Wagon-R as the other two models are phased out, At least the next generation Wagon -R is sold in the market. Pls consider as:
1)which would eventually burn your pocket when you service as the parts are expensive comparing the latter.
2) Availability of parts will be not be prompt.
3) Other models Re-sale value would be too low compared to Wagon-R.

Answer by Krishna 11 November 2010
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