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what is your opinion about byuing second hand hyundai accent of make 2001?
By Abhishek 10 October 2010

your idea is most expensive because the ten year old vehicle of hyundai means engine , body , suspension every thing to be changed. That means your ten year old hyundai accent vehicle will be costing more than a new one. so do not go for a second hand cars. I suggest you a new car of toyota's Etios in December 2010

Answer by Kutumbarao 10 October 2010

mr. kutumbarao,do u always scare people like this,if the accent is ten years old why does it need a body change and if the engine has done some 80 k in ten years which is a pretty decent usage then why does it need overhaul .a hyundai accent of 2001 would cost around 1.5 to1.7 which might be the budget of the person asking the question so why does he need to spend another few lacs.and why didnt u buy a fortunner instead of etios i suggest you go for fortunner or land cruiser intead of buying the etios which you are driving before launch.talking big on a blog does not cost anything .

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

Hyundai Accent 0f 2001 is a good choice as a sedan.Its a value for the money invested.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

New engines means better fuel efficiency, performance. new vehicles come with much improved interiors, features and gadgets, futuristic design, also, compliant to latest emission norms. These are the benefits of a new car.

Answer by Alok 10 October 2010


It depends on how do the car is maintained, How much did it clocked till date? Wheather the maintenance is did as per the schedule.

1st impression is when u open the door of the car. If u find everything is more than ok, as u open by making a ru mind to see a car which is 10years old, if u feel comfy, then make a mind.

Check the Timing belt, wheather it's replaced or it needs to be replaced coz if it gets cut, then it may lead major breakdown in engine.

Just put a pure white paper at the car's exhaust pipe/ vent & rise up the accelerator, if u can find the black oil dots on the paper,then that means there is a back fire in the car & it may require Overhaul & that may cost u around 15K which would be the maximum expenditure for you.

Kutumbarao said is correct, but this statement is not only for Hyundai, its for every brand including Toyota, more over Toyota vehicles will not last more than 05 years if u don't maintain them neatly & u may have to pay about 15K for every service but wait! This situation is not with Hyundai cars.
I too agree there would be a lot of works in the car but Hyundai Spares are bit resonable.
Changing all Suspensions-If requried- Maximum 40K but most of the time u may have to replace only struts & it will cost u around 16K with labor & bush kit too.
clutch plate replacement & 01 Service will cost u maximum 12K for Hyundai Accent.

What i would suggest u to get the car to any nearby Hyundai Show room, get the general check up did over there & take the first openion of the service manager, If chassie is good, car is accident & rust free, then u can go for it.

At last u urself conclude a budget after getting quotes & doing survey from other murchants & then try to negotiate it for about 50K so that all above expensis which i have mentioned u can get repaired.

I too got 2002 Model Hyundai Sonata Gold & it's very nice & powerfull car..!

Answer by Swapnil Natu 10 October 2010

I OWN black 2001 model 2001 dls accent.......i'll tell you its a good choice.when compared to crdi pulling will be low in ac,but no engine problems even if it is 1 lac or 10 lac actually gives you full value for your money.make sure you make a good selection when you buy the car.9447753849

Answer by GOMAS 10 October 2010
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