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which is best in these two innova or scorpio
By Bala 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

If the usage is more in highways then Innova would be better and if used inboth highways and off roads then Scorpio would be ideal selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

Innova will be better than Scorpio. Because of the Japanese engineering and d4d engine gives better perfomence than Mahindra's mhawk and crde. The aerodynamic design makes it more stable.

Answer by Tom 10 October 2010

It depends on your taste.. technically innova is superior than scorpio however scorpio has better offroad capabilities. Innova would have less maintenance when compared to scorpio but it carries a tag of taxi. so many people won't prefer it. the view while driving is best in scorpio and u can cut corner nicely as you sit high and see the things more closely. whereas innova has cockpit view which makes it a bit difficult to negotiate turns in tight places or crowded places. Scorpio gives macho feeling whereas innova is elegant... back seat comfort is very high in innova whereas scorpio will give u style statement on road... well.. not it depends entirely on ur taste and how you are going to use it.

All the best ... Enjoy driving...

Answer by Sudheer 10 October 2010

Innova is the best option for long drives and bigger families. Where as Scorpio sitting comfort is horrible and there will be a rolling effect in Scorpio. In innova without any strain we can travel 300 to 400 kms in a day. Resale value for Innova is better than scorpio. But the only if u want a grand feel in driving then opt Scorpio.

Answer by KVHANUMAN PRASAD 10 October 2010

Both cars are good ones but for comfort, efficiency, resale value prefer innova but if you want a stud suv, passionate driving, off road experiences then have innova

Answer by Akash Kalore 10 October 2010

none , i would opt for xylo , done 60000 kms (mh-04-dy-766)
innova will be wheezing and coughing while the xylo will make a quick get away with it's turbo mhawk engine with 240 nm of torque .ride is also smoother due to the large tyres.

Answer by OSWALD SOANS 10 October 2010

If do not bother the difference of price between these 2 then obviously INNOVA because these days people mostly thinks about luxary.Iknow it because I do own a scorpio.

Answer by Janeshwar Banshtu 10 October 2010

innova is the best

Answer by Sankar 10 October 2010
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