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dear shiva, thank you for ur answer n my quiery,i have nil knowledge about cars i ownwed a maruthi 800 previously,i sold the vehicle because i want to have more comfort driving but weekly once only i drive the car for about 10 kms (going to church),i tried the fiat palio 2002 sports model and was very impressed in the first test drive itself,so went for that. as i told u earlier i have 0 knowledge can u please tell me some thing abot this car,and how do u locate the engine oil cans & etc in the engine,please helo me out to educate me. regards dominic
By Dominic 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

Refer to the car's owner's manual to gain comprehensive knowledge about it.Otherwise when you take your car for a regular service you can ask all that you want to know from the service guys there.

Answer by Rohit 10 October 2010

no douby fiat palio is gud enough car in its segment but the basic problem is trust... as there are no service station for this car if you want palio than you must have a guud engineer near by your area although if you think tata than forget they cant give you gud services,, once i visit to tata showroom for punto they said fiat se acha to tata ki gaadi le loooo
i dont know why they people dont having interst in selling fiat cars ..

Answer by Rahul 10 October 2010

my friends if u cant answer a querry properly atleast have the courtsey of restraining yourself from further confusing a person ,everybody has written everything except ,what the person wants to know .you have bought an excellent car and you need not worry at all bcoz the the kind of usage you have mentioned you do not have to worry .get the car serviced once properly in your area and relax.

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

For maintenace of get the car serviced regularly as per schedule mentioned in owners manual.
In general the checks that can be done by user are as follow.
1.You can check the engine oil with help of dipstic provided.It is generally provider near to head assemply,it canbe easily located if you have a general look at engine compartment.
While checking oil levl ensure car parked on level ground. Take out the dipstic wipe it with cottonwaste or clothand reinsert and take out.If the oillevel is upto second mark then oillevel is ok.
2.Battery condition canbe checked bylookinga the battery life indicator,if its green then the charge is good
3.Put water in wind screen wiper tank
4. Check coolent level from the auxialary tank provided generally to right side in engine compartment. Check for maxand minlevel.If coolent level is up to max or even above minimum then its ok,in case its below minimum then it needs to be checked for leakages.

5. Occasionally check the underbody for any hittings while drivings or rust formations and leakage stains from drive shaft, oil sump, etc.If any leakage marks found, get the same rectified soon.
Follow the above guidelines and you can also check AUTO GUIDES section for articles on maintenance of cars and bikes.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

thankyou Mr shiva for the detailed and to the point answer .although i had not asked the question but your answer can be very beneficial for everyone who donot have detailed idea about general day to day maintainance.

Answer by Rajiv 10 October 2010

dear shiva

Thank you for ur valuable answer

Answer by Dominic 10 October 2010
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