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i have a hero honda hunk , it gives mileage around 43 on highways , can anybody suggest how to increase the mileage
By Dharish 09 September 2010


hope ur bike is fitted with CV carborator.
Do adjust the ideling speed of engine lesser than 800rpm, but do it after travelling for around initial 05 Kms after starting ur journey as the engine heats up, the ideling will require very less fuel during long journeies.

B4 journey change ur filter to paper filter ( If ur using KNN filter) or get the existing filter cleaned thoroughly.Ensure Tire pressure is adiquate & also all the greacing, lubing chain is done properly.

Don't drive ur bike above 2500RPM in first 3 gears. after crossing 60kms/ hr in 5th gear, gradually increase ur speed by trying to keep ur rpm lesser than 2800 so that u will find good effeciency.
Try to drive in 5th gear as much as u can..
Don't make full tank, take the fuel for about 05 Ltrs & refill it when it goes to reserve so that u can avoid additional weight of fuel which may also effect ur milage part.

Also i think u should get ur bike thoroughly serviced from authorized service station once.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 09 September 2010

The best way to have excellent mileage is do push the bike half the distance you want to travel and then drive as mentioned Natu. In this way, youcan double teh mileage.

Answer by Sreeram 09 September 2010

Always check tyre air pressure for optimum milage.

Answer by Premnath 10 October 2010
Expert`s comment:

Get the bike serviced and inclluding chain lubrication, etc and also use premium petrol for better efficiency.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010

hi frends , recently i brought second hand hero honda hunk 2007 model ..the problem is i am getting millage is below 32 please suggest how to increase the milage.

Answer by Pradeep 12 December 2017
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