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I have an offer for Ford Fusion+ (petrol 1.6L) 2006 Jan, model. for Rs 5.5 L, It is Mumbai registered and done 15000 Kms. Is the price OK. if I have to sell it afterwords (say after 3yrs)? what should be the right price to buy this car. I like Fusion very much but not able to make up my mind due to low resale value.Considering low resale value for this vehicle what should be mu counter offer to seller? Pls guide me.Thanks

By Sumit on Sep 3, 2007


  • Expert Yes .The price offered for Fusion is quite acceptable . After Three years Resale value should be approximately around 4 Lakhs. if its in good condition.You can negotiate for about 5 Lakhs.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 13, 2008

  • In my opinion , ford cars have no resale at all , instead you should opt for other models , but if you are keen the resale of the car will be around 1. 25 to 1. 60 provided its maintained very well with service records and is accident free.
    HAVE A NICE DAY . you can mail me on
    Answer by RAJU on Jul 2, 2012

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