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Hi I am a confused buyer.... between xylo and safari.... i understand that they belong to different segments. One being an MUV and another being a SUV. But if i have to make a decision between these two vehicles strictly on the basis of the following parameters - 1. Maintenance; 2. Gear smoothness; 3. Balance / stability of the car; 4. Fuel efficiency; 5. Resale value; 6. Maneuverability. What is the choice that i need to make. In terms of my usage, i am more of a city and inter city driver. i use the mumbai-pune highway pretty often. my annual usage would be upwards of 15000 kms.
By Shantanu 09 September 2010

Xylo is step ahead than Safari in Technical and it is best engineered than Safari.

Answer by Vinoth 09 September 2010

Xylo is better than safari by all means. Since Xylo is a muv u can use it as a suv also. when comparing the milleage and all Xylo is the best compared to safari. You will get better milleage in xylo. So make the choice to Xylo

Answer by Tom 09 September 2010

Xylo is the best among the indian suv's and Muv's .Its driving comfort, maintenance and speed is really awesome. Go for it.Safari is to be avoided always.

Answer by Surender 09 September 2010

boss TATA means pehle GHATA phir TATA
never buy ne tata vehicle, after two years of run it shows its orignality

Answer by Sandeep Nehra 09 September 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the two Xylo would be better option for cost efectiveness, spacious interiors and maintenance.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2010

I have seen both the vehicles on highways....

I like the most is Safari & the current Dicore is the superb.... Great in safety, High at performance & best comfort ever with silent cabin where as Xylo cries more than Bolero being fitted with advanced Dicor Engine. Interiors r very poor & shabby too. Seats feels too much compromised. Shape is so only... not eye catching. Poor at ground clearnace & at rough roads compared to safari.

As said in above anser, I too agree that Tata vehicles are qute delicate, but good maintenance can keep them emaculate but bit heavy for pocket.

But if u forget everything & compare Safari with Xylo, then it will be like compairing Tiger with Cat.

If u really like Safari, go for it. Else think about Innova in MUV's or wait for another month, Tata Aria is getting launched. Feels good.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 09 September 2010

Dear Shantanu,
just go for TATA SAFARI....!
and dont compare safari with the xylo.
safari's class is different.its very spacious and tough with all new 2.2L Dicor engine.
Just Take test drive and you point out the difference and feeling.
if you are not compromise person then definately go for SAFARI.
And one more thing all new TATA ARIA is coming in next month so i suggest you to wait for aria launch.

Answer by Rambha 09 September 2010

i agree with rambha's answer that safari is a very good vehicle ,but not for people with a small heart, it needs maintainance but only regular maintainance nothing to be scared of ,i have a safari around 2 yrs old run 1.45 lacs and i have nt faced any major problem ,the vehicle is raw pleasure to drive and is far better than any vehicle in its pricerange.safari is not meant for people who have grown using maruti 800 and expect the same cost from a safari.

Answer by Rajiv 09 September 2010

Better go for xylo more tata vehicles ,i suffered a lot using tata vehicle

Answer by Eldose 09 September 2010
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