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I am planning to buy indigo e cs in next two weeks. I travel every day around 50 KM . So can any one pl suggest whether I should go for petrol or diesel . I am hesitant for diesel because of sound and pick up
By Bhaskar 09 September 2010
Expert`s comment:

For the usage mentioned Petrol verison would be optimu selection for its lower investment and utility.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2010

dear bhaskar,
before going for any tata car, u must assure whether u will be self driving or will be using a chauffer b'coz indigo is basically recommended for a chauffer driven person as u handling is bit as compared to maruti or hyundai. also tatas r known for diesel cars, they r big failure in petrol. i will suggest u for a diesel car only, ford fiesta limited edition no doubt is an attractive buy

Answer by Pulkit Chaudhry 09 September 2010

Go for petrol version & if CNG or LPG is available in your area convert it to gas. CNG is better than LPG. I have converted my honda citi & tata xeta to cng & I enjoy it 1.6 -2 rs/km with AC. I also run 50-70 km/day in city. Dont think much go for cng. As diesel is going to be decontrolled & in future petrol & diesel will cost equal.

Answer by Dr Ketan Jinwala 09 September 2010

Dear Friend,

TATA means pehle GHATA phir TATA
never buy tata vehicle, after two years of run it shows its orignality errespective if it's Petrol or diesel. If u r really intellegent, then go with either Chevrolet Cruze which is promissing total warranty for thousands of Kilo metetrs, or with Ford Fiesta limited edition which is the hottest selling cake at resonable price.

Just for survey, go to any used car's show room, just find how much do u find tata cars, ford cars & chevrolet cars. Definately Tata cars will be more over their as these vehicles r optimum only for 2 years. thats it.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 09 September 2010

go for indigo c.s it's a good car with better average

Answer by Shrikant 09 September 2010

mr natu you seem to be a typical ntu when it comes to brains you are advising a person buying an indigo ecs to buy a cruze and what do you think the rest of 15 lacs will be paid by yr uncle.if you are a nonserious person why do do you need to talk nonsense on a public platform .bhaskar has just asked whether to buy a diesel or petrol version he has already decided which car to bhaskar go for the diesel version as indigo ecs is famous for its fuel efficient performance in its pricerange.

Answer by Rajiv 09 September 2010

@ Rajiv don't waste your brain and time on such much they know about TATA???Brands like Jaguar and Land Rover are under TATA,Fiat also working with TATA.I must say here people who ever are anti-TATA..just go and have look at TATA Manza,any other brand can provide car like Manza @ the budget of Rs 5 Lack????Guys..change your mindset,be practical...

Answer by Uk 09 September 2010

I fully endorse the views of Rajiv, I am driving tata cars since last 5 years after switching over from maruti,even I drive about 30 Kms per day, but my vista/TDI is superbly performing, I have no maintenance at all in 5 years except regular service. buy any TATA car it is always a value for money.TATA is known for Trust- Assurance- Totality- Apex

Answer by BKB 09 September 2010

Dear Mr.Bhaskar,
U have decided to buy really a good car,but go for diesel rather than petrol,as your usage is 50 km/day.Nowadays diesel engines are designed as smooth as petrol,sometimes we cant even able to find whether its a petrol/diesel engine while its in idling.

Answer by Sundar 09 September 2010

Dear Mr.Bhaskar
U have really decided to purchase a good car.I have Tata Indica and I was driving it from Aug 2005. Now my dauter is driving this car in Delhi.And I have purchased last month INDIGO CS eLX Diesel in Jamshedpur.Indigo CS e series car is good.I will suggest you to go for it,its pick up and average is good.Look is also good.

Answer by Shailendra 09 September 2010
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