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i have one year old honda cityv i want to renew ny insurance policy with 0 % deprection.
By Kamleshranka 09 September 2010

no use paying premium on full value. In case of full value
claim on total loss car insurer will reimburse you as per their chart of the current value of the year mfd of the car
and not for the value you got isured.

better you check this point with your agent

Answer by Vinod Gupta 09 September 2010
Expert`s comment:

Mr Gupta has mentioned the correct information. You can check with insurance agent beofore getting insurance renewed.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2010

I agree with Mr. Vinod Gupta

Answer by Aneesh 09 September 2010

Dear Kamlesh, Are you referring to the "zero dep" policy most ppl are offering nowadays. Even I have recently gone for the same fro At first, most agents do not mention about this policy as it is more expensive (around 15-20% more than comprehensive insurance policy) & they fear that they may lose the customer's interest. But if you look a this closely, any repair bills will completely be paid by the insurance co...even plastic parts. Experts, pls comment as this is the info I have recd while purchasing.

Answer by Raghukk 10 October 2010
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