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Which one is best with respect to Value For Money ... New Tata Safari or Inova
By Guruprasad 09 September 2010

decide what is your requirement. SUV or a MUV. Though there is a thin line which divided the two, but the ride quality, comfort etc etc would be diffrent in both the vehicles. They will give nearly the same fuel consumption figures. Both are better in their class, test driving each will help you to decide what you want. try Mahindra xylo clebration model also if value for money is the proposition.

Answer by Atul Singhal 09 September 2010

dear guru,

if you like to be driven by choufer then go for innova as it don't excites much while driving.

& if you like to drive by your self then go for safari as it give the feeling that you are special. as atul said both the vehicles are from different class.the choice is yours wheter to go for SUV or MUV. beter way have a test drive of both & see the differance.

Answer by Vikrant 09 September 2010

offcourse..u shud go for issuess...safari is gud bt nt d best..innova has a longer life...both engine n nt safari..innova is worth

Answer by Aditya 09 September 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the two if using for regular drives on highways then Innova is best for its easy of handling and maintenance.If using for both on and off roading then Safari is the best selection for its power,comfort and also good onroad image.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2010

if u enjoy driving and maintaining ur car urself go for safari otherwise innova .safari is a very good vehicle with king like road presence but this vehicle is for people who luv driving and travelling not for those who just commute .

Answer by Rajiv 09 September 2010

I would like to advice you that both of your options are best in there respective classes.but clashes comes to a point that what type of usage you want for your car.safari is best if you are able to care for it otherwise prefer innova. As considered value for money you must have a innova but in case of safety and royalty safari is best.I personally love it

Answer by Akash Kalore 09 September 2010

I don't own any of these vehicles. But I have been the owner of a Tata vehicle, namely indica from 2000-2005, and believe I spent the same amount of money on the car in those 5 yrs as I spent to buy it. I have driven around in both Innova as well as Safari.Both vehicles seem to be good, but I am scared of the Tata tag.My own experience tells me that Tata vevicles keep on asking for something or the other, or may be I am very fudgy driver who finds even a small noise in the vehicle very irritating. However I have been driving a Maruti product namely Baleno since 2005 and have all praises for it.

Answer by Rajesh Narula 09 September 2010

INNOVA the best you need not to think about anything else in price of (9-12)lac.

Answer by Chirag Chhabra 09 September 2010

Thanks a to all participent... for your valuable comments..

Answer by Guruprasad 09 September 2010

both vehicles are good...but innova is the right choice,it is really value for money and maintaning...

Answer by Riyas Hassan 09 September 2010

as mentioned earlier tata safari is not for people who have grown worrying about increasing the milage of their hero honda cd100 ,there is no denying that safari needs more maintainance than innova but if u love driving then you'll happily bear it, on the other hand innova is a very good vehicle for troublefree commuting .as far as Mr narula's comment is concerned comparing indica and safari is completely foolish and you seem to be a person with a stagnant bent of mind who has not realised that tata's have grown from the ancient times you are talking about and misleading people by talking all negative things,if u are so concious then why drive an outdated and failed model like a baleno .

Answer by Rajiv 09 September 2010
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