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i want to buy honda stunner bike ..can u plz suggest me exact milage of the bike
By Vidya Sagar 09 September 2010

50 /55 kmpl..

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 09 September 2010

fuel average largely depends upon riding habits.
despite of honda go for bajaj as i owned bajaj caliber in 2002, which i used more than 2'82'509 km (after that speedometer stopped) in rural areas n ploughed fields of punjab. i never bothered service except regular engine oil (castrol active) change, self cleaning of chain wid diesel, n air filter clean. no maintenance except clutch wire, brake shoe pads, one spark plug n mci, tyres tubes (MRF) n three chain set.giftd to my cousin. NOW I OWN PULSAR 135

Answer by Jolly 09 September 2010
Expert`s comment:

With Stunner expected mileage is around 50 to 55 KMPL max.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2010

I have honda stunner cbf which is very bad it gives me only 45 kml per lit and it gives lost of sound rgds to chain.

Answer by Orville Colaco 02 February 2011

Please dont buy a stunner..
Iam telling from my experience..
Am a college going student, and I put more mileage than power..
Even I had a 75k, At first I booked a have a 60-65km/litre mileage
But reading some reviews and hearin some friends, Stunner have the same engine of shine and have nearly the same mileage and some sort of higher power and extra gear, I changed my mind.
But now I get a mileage of just 30-35km from my stunner..
I went to the servuce guys, the reply from them just wierd, all the new stunner have a mileage max 40 only..
I lost 67k, mileage, even the looks wierd, comparing to a 150 bike its power and accelaration suckss..
I lost my fz, because of my damn idea of mileage...
Guys... Never go for a 125cc bike.. it will suck in power...never go for a stunner it really suckk in mileage as well as power , look ,vibration,maintanence (chain socket),no kicker , and all......I just sucked!!!

Answer by Arjun 07 July 2011
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