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I have purchased new Tata Indigo e-CS diesel model but now mileage is below 15 kmpl .When will eCs give mileage 23kmpl Kindly reply. Thanks K.L.Pushkarna
By K L PUSHKARNA 09 September 2010

After 2-3 services then you can get some increase in mileage, if you are drving the car in the city with AC under traffic with more useage of 1 or 2nd gear then your current mileage 15KM/L is pretty good.

23Kmpl is something under standard test conditions which will cover highway and local trips, this calculation is not applicable for practical city traffic.

I have RITZ Diesel and ARAI says 21KMPL but i am getting only 17KMPL in a city with AC and 20KMPL in Highway with AC.

Answer by Vinoth 09 September 2010

for any car Mileage depending upon various criterias like fuel quantity is correct,driving style,driving in city or highways,tire pressure,engine tuning,vehicle maintanance etc.
and this 23 kmpl is in standard condition mileage ok and your vehicle is still new so check the mileage after 2-3 servicings.
and dont worry you will get better mileage in future

Answer by Rambha 09 September 2010


Try with Logan if you still want better millage, lot of space,ultimate suspension,

just speak to few logan car owners for better understanding & based on that you can dicide"it's just ammazing"

this is an next option for you !!!!!

Answer by NAGESH 09 September 2010

Mileage increases after the second service. Do not try to over speed before 2000km. Because the engine parts are not that smooth. And right gear shifting is needed for getting good mileage. Turn the engine off, if you have to wait more than 2 minutes. Proper air pressure is needed in the tyres and you have to do wheel alignment and balancing on time. Do not overload your car. Ensure the quality fuel from the pumps. How did you check the mileage? Full tank to full tank is the best way to get the mileage. I'm using Ritz Vdi and I am getting 22km/lt average with A/C on. My travel is 60% highway and 40% city.

Try these and I'm sure you will get good mileage for your e-CS.


Answer by Oamkumar 09 September 2010
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Please follow the guidelines in the article on Fuel efficiency of cars.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2010
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